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Information for Providers

Alcohol and Other Drug Screening Specialists (ADSS)

ADSS provide the following services as required by Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 813.021 and ORS 813.260:

  • Screening interviews;
  • Referral to a Division-approved DUII services provider;
  • Treatment progress monitoring; and
  • Reporting successful completion or failure to complete the screening interview or treatment to the referring court.

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DUII Services Providers

ORS 813.021 and 813.260 require ADSS to refer individuals to a Division-approved DUII treatment program.

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Contact Information

Please call the DUII Information Line at 503-945-6213 or email the Division's DUII Services Coordinator.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) prioritizes the assurance of health, safety, welfare, and rights of individuals receiving services from Division-certified providers. Individuals (and/or representatives appointed by the individual) may submit grievances regarding ADSS or DUII Services Providers through the Addictions and Mental Health Services Complaint process.

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