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Tools for OHP health plans

Technical assistance for the coordinated care organizations and dental plans that coordinate care for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members.

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Recent updates

To view all recent updates, visit our Announcements page. You can also view staff transmittals for other updates.
7/26/2022Fee-for-service reimbursement for self-administered COVID-19 test kits supplied by non-pharmacy providers, effective April 4, 2022
6/17/2022Telehealth-only providers permitted during the federal public health emergency
6/17/2022Retroactive rule issued to correct the Prioritized List reference in OAR 410-141-3830
5/13/2022Updated: 12-month eligibility for Oregon Health Plan post-partum benefits
4/7/2022New SUD treatment reimbursement codes and rate changes effective January 1, 2022
4/1/2022Due date extension for 2022 Third Party Liability Recovery P&Ps
4/1/202212-month eligibility for Oregon Health Plan post-partum benefits
2/25/2022Document submission for 2022 Compliance Monitoring Review – ORS 414.595
2/18/2022In Lieu of Services option for member reimbursement of over-the-counter COVID tests
2/11/2022OHP coverage of post-COVID (sometimes called “long COVID”) treatment
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Forms and templates

To view all OHP forms and publications, visit our Forms page. To view forms and templates for CCO contract deliverables, visit the CCO contract forms page.

OHA 2080OHA 2080 - EDI Trading Partner Agreement
OHP 2405OHP 2405 - Notice of Action
OHP 2405OHP 2405 - Notice of Action
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Weekly provider files

OHA posts these files by noon each Tuesday. To get the password for these files, contact your Encounter Data Liaison.

Provider File Active and Inactive 2 Addresses
Provider File Active and Inactive 2 Addresses without Tax Id
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Questions and answers for health plans

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