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Tools for OHP health plans

Technical assistance for the coordinated care organizations and dental & mental health plans that coordinate care for Oregon Health Plan (OHP) clients.

Questions and answers for health plans

Use the search field to search by all fields. For example, enter "OHP meeting" to look for information about OHP-related meetings.

Recent updates for health plans

To view all recent announcements, visit our Announcements page. You can also view staff transmittals for other updates.

Applies To
10/23/20182019-2021 Funding Opportunity - Parent-Child Interaction Therapy program development.pdfBehavioral health providers, Tribal 638 clinics, Tribal health centers, CCOs, Community Mental Health Programs
10/8/2018Changes to fee-for-service dental coverage effective November 1, 2018.pdfDental providers, Expanded Practice (formerly Limited Access Practice) Dental Hygienists, DCOs, CCOs
7/2/2018EQRO Transition Update.pdfCCOs, MHOs
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Forms for health plans

To view all OHP forms and publications, visit our Forms page.

OHA 2129OHA 2129 - OHP Materials Submission and Review FormEnglish
OHP 2405OHP 2405 - Notice of ActionEnglish
OHP 2405OHP 2405 - Notice of ActionSpanish
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Weekly provider files

OHA posts these files by noon each Tuesday. Click the format you need (PDF, XLS or XLSM) to open a zip file that contains the active and inactive provider files for the week. To get the password for these files, contact your Encounter Data Liaison.

Provider File Active and Inactive
Provider File Active and Inactive
Provider File Active and Inactive
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7-11 Drug Carveout List

Carveout Drug List, Third Quarter 2018.xlsx
7-11 Drug Carveout List, Second Quarter 2018.pdf
7-11 Drug Carveout List, First Quarter 2018.xlsx
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Need help?

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Encounter data reporting, provider enrollment, weekly provider file

Member enrollment issues

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