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OHP Public Notices and Meetings

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Oregon Health Plan meetings

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The OHA Calendar lists meetings related to the Oregon Health Plan, and other Oregon Health Authority meetings. You will need a current internet browser to use this feature.

To view other public meetings, please view the statewide public meetings calendar.

Public Notices

Public notice - State Plan Amendment to increase Medicaid ventilator rate for nursing facilities3/26/2020
Public notice - State Plan Amendment to expand Medicaid coverage of telehealth services3/20/2020
Request for Comment - Adding lactation consultants to Medicaid State Plan - Comments due April 16, 20203/18/2020
Correction to 2019 notice about the State Plan Amendment to increase TCM home visiting rates3/17/2020
Request for comment – Draft SUD 1115 Waiver Application - Comments due February 21, 20201/14/2020
Request for Comment - Draft Medicaid State Plan Amendment to Align MH and SUD Services - Comments due Feb. 21, 20201/14/2020
Request for comment - State Plan Amendment to increase TCM home visiting rate - Comments due November 1, 201910/3/2019
Request for Comment - State Plan Amendment to increase fee-for-service SUD rates9/27/2019
Request for comment - State Plan Amendment to add CCBHC Program4/11/2019
Request for comment - State Plan Amendment for standardized adult mental health residential rates - Comments due 1-25-20191/7/2019
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OHP Notices of Proposed Rulemaking

Medical Eligibility

  • 410-200 (various rules) and 410-200-0015 - Updated rules for clarity and alignment with DHS Integrated Eligibility system

Pharmaceutical Services

  • 410-121-0030 Amending Preferred Drug List - Feb. 6, 2020 DUR/P&T Actions 
Medical-Surgical Services
  • 410-130-0246 Establishes Permanent Distinct Rule For Blood Lead Testing

Comments due:

April 17, 2020

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