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Family involvement

Maintaining connections with family and friends can be an important part of a patient's recovery. You can show your support through visits, phone calls and mail. If patients give their permission, you can also communicate with their treatment team. Oftentimes, family members have helpful suggestions and ideas for improving a person's care.

Family responsibilities

Oregon State Hospital (OSH) recognizes that recovery and health care delivery is a partnership between the hospital, the patient and other supports. Please review the“Family Responsibilities" handout for information on how you can enhance your involvement as a partner in the health care process.



The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) guarantees OSH patients privacy rights related to their health information. By law, there are two types of permissions a patient may grant by signing one or both of the following forms:

  • A Disclosure of Hospitalization (DOH) form allows hospital staff to confirm someone is a patient at OSH.
  • A Release of Information form (ROI) allows hospital staff to share information about a patient's treatment with the specified person. The ROI may include the ability to talk with the patient's treatment team.
 A patient may choose to withdraw this permission at any time, for any reason.


Phone calls

There are phones on each unit that patients can use to make and receive daily phone calls. These phones provide access to nationwide calling at no cost. Phones may be turned off during treatment mall hours to encourage participation in treatment activities. Phones are also turned off late in the evening through early morning to provide a quiet sleeping environment. Please ask your loved one for the best time to call them, based on their unit's schedule. 

Unit Phone Numbers

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Mail and packages

Patients have the right to send and receive mail while at OSH. Many patients look forward to receiving letters and mail from their family and friends. If patients are unable to pay for stamps and writing materials, the hospital will provide them with supplies to send up to three letters per week.

Before purchasing or mailing an item, we recommend you first contact unit staff for approval to ensure items are appropriate for a secure treatment facility. See the list of unit phone numbers above. 

If you do not know what unit to call, or if you have questions about sending packages, please call OSH Family Services at 503-947-8109 in Salem and 541-465-2785 in Junction City. You can also email


Money/patient trust accounts

Patients may choose to open a trust account while at OSH. Depending on their privilege level or treatment team approval, patients can withdraw money from their account to shop in the OSH patient store, to purchase food at the hospital's café, or to place a mail order. They may also use money for outings, which may include purchases at local stores and restaurants.

Patients may not receive money directly. You can deposit money into a patient's trust account by:

  • Leaving a check or money order with Reception
  • Sending a check or money order through the mail — addressed to the patient directly or to the patient trust department
 Once received, hospital staff will help deposit the money into a patient's account. If a patient does not yet have an account, hospital staff can help them open one.



For information about visitation — including applying to visit, visitation schedules and visitor guidelines — please see the Visitation page on this site.

Events for friends and family

Throughout the year, OSH hosts events for friends and family of current patients. Events are held at both the Salem and Junction City locations and may include a mix of informational, social and recreational activities. These events are free and open to all friends and family members of current patients. Visit the Friends and Family Events page for more information. 

Due to COVID-19, all in person friends and family events have been canceled until further notice. Please check this website for updates.