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Visiting Information and Hours


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Maintaining connections with family and friends can be an important part of a patient’s recovery. One way to maintain these relationships is through visitation. Before visiting with a friend for family member you will need to turn in a visitor application. There are separate applications for adults and children (under the age of 18). For a copy of a visitor application in Russian, Simplified Chinese, Somali or Vietnamese, please call OSH Reception at 503-945-2800, Consumer & Family Services at 503-947-8109 or email your request to osh.consumer&


Visitor application instructions

Get a visitor application by:
  • Picking one up in person at the hospital Reception desk in both Salem and Junction City
  • Calling to request to have a copy mailed to you
    • Salem: 503-945-2800 or 800-544-7078
    • Junction City: 541-465-2554 or 877-851-7330
  • Download a copy using the links above

When filling out your application:
  • Carefully read and follow the directions
  • Make sure your application is legible, correct, and complete – missing, inaccurate, or unreadable information could delay the process
  • Call Consumer & Family Services if you have questions about the process
    • Salem: 503-947-8109
    • Junction City: 541-465-2785

Returning an application

You can return an application by any of the following 5 methods:

  1. Return to a staff member at the main lobby window of the campus you are visiting
  2. Return by mail to the appropriate address
    1. For Salem patients:
      Oregon State Hospital, Salem
      2600 Center St. NE
      Salem, OR 97301
    2. For Junction City patients:
      Oregon State Hospital, Junction City
      29398 Recovery Way
      Junction City, OR 97448   
  3. By fax:
    1. Salem: 503-945-2807
    2. Junction City: 541-465 3007
  4. By scanning and emailing to:
    1. Salem:
    2. Junction City:

    This form may contain your personal information. If you return the form by email, there is some risk it could be intercepted by someone you did not sent it to. If you are not sure how to send a secure email, consider using regular mail or fax.

Once your application has been received:
  • Please allow five business days (Mon-Fri) from the date OSH receives your application to complete the approval process
  • The OSH security department will run a criminal history check and notify the treatment team of any safety concerns
  • If approved by the treatment team, the patient will make the final decision to approve or deny the application
  • You will be notified of the hospital’s final decision by letter, email or phone

Please call ahead

For the situations below, we recommend you call the patient’s unit before visiting. Unit phone numbers can be found here. 
  • Visitors to the Harbors program
    • Please call the unit at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a visit
    • Your first visit may be a “non-contact” visit, meaning you and the patient will talk by phone while viewing each other through a visitation window
    • Children are not allowed to visit during “non-contact” visits

  • Visitors to the Springs program
    • The geriatric/neuropsychiatric units encourage visitors to call the unit at least 24 hours in advance

  • Visitors driving a long distance
    • We recommend you call the patient’s unit before leaving home to ask about their availability

  • Group visits
    • For security reasons, the number of visitors per patient may be limited or restricted to a specific location. Please call ahead to ensure large group visits can be accommodated.

  • Special visits
    • Please call at least 48 hours in advance to request a visit outside of normal visiting hours or to request other special accommodations.

The day of your visit:

  • Check-in with Reception at the main entrance. Click here for directions and parking information.
  • Give packages and gifts for the patient to Reception for screening and inventory
  • Store your personal property (including cell phones) in provided lockers
  • Security staff will move a hand-held metal detector around the visitor to help prevent contraband and prohibited items from entering the secure perimeter.
  • Staff will escort you to the visiting location. This is for patient, visitor and staff safety.
  • Greetings and farewell hugs and brief kisses are allowed. Please refrain from passionate kissing and other sexual contact.
*If Security determines the primary visiting location has reached capacity, it will open a second visitation area.

 After a visit outside the secure perimeter:
  • Security staff will screen patients and their belongings when they return to the secure perimeter from an outing to keep the hospital safe for patients, staff and visitors.
  • Non-staff members who take patients off grounds – also known as “authorized others” – will witness this process. Security staff will move a metal detector around the patient to help prevent contraband and prohibited items from entering the secure perimeter. Staff will also screen all property and belongings coming in with a patient after an outing.
  • Please see the Friends and Family flyer for more information.

Child Visits

Child visits are scheduled for specific times and locations (see Visitation Schedule). Children younger than 18 are allowed to visit when:
  • The child’s legal parent or guardian has completed a minor visitor application, which OSH has approved
  • The child is accompanied at all times by an approved adult visitor

Safety Guidelines

These instructions ensure the safety of all patients, visitors and staff. You may not be allowed in the hospital if you do not follow the guidelines. This includes:
  • Appearing under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Passing contraband is unlawful. All incidents will be reported to the Oregon State Police. See the “Contraband and Prohibited Items” section for more information.
  • Smoking on hospital grounds. This includes e-cigarettes and vape pens or the use of tobacco products.
  • The use of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs, including medical marijuana
  • Disruptive behavior, as determined by staff, including arguing, shouting or violence in any form
  • Fireworks, firearms or weapons
  • Pets left in vehicles under dangerous conditions, as determined by OSH Security. We may report violations to Oregon State Police.
  • When you visit the hospital, please know that some patients may react to revealing clothing or images that promote the use of drugs, alcohol, or violence. For their well-being and safety, as well as for the security of staff and other visitors, we ask that you dress for the hospital environment. Clothing should include a dress or a shirt with either skirt, pants or shorts and shoes or sandals.

Contraband and Prohibited Items

Oregon State Hospital (OSH) will provide a safe environment where items considered to be “prohibited” are restricted, and items considered “contraband” are not allowed on OSH property.
“Contraband” means any item not permitted on OSH grounds, such as:
  • Weapons, controlled substances, marijuana and products containing marijuana, things used to take drugs, illegal substances, lighters or things  used to start fires, and explosives;
  • Anything that could harm patients or others;
  • Anything that violates the hospital’s infection control requirements, such as pets and non-commercially packaged foods and beverages; or
  • Anything that’s illegal
“Prohibited item” means an item that could be possibly used to hurt someone. Prohibited items vary by program and could include things like:
  • Aerosol spray cans
  • Glass
  • Hairdryers
  • Safety pins
  • Electrical cords, including chargers of any kind
If a patient moves to a different part of the hospital, what they are allowed to have may change. If you have questions about contraband and prohibited items, please contact the patient’s unit or Consumer & Family Services for more information.


Gifts and other Items

You can bring items for patients when you come to visit. Please give these items to Reception staff for screening when you check in. To make sure you only bring items that are allowed, you can:


You may bring food to enjoy during a visit, or purchase hot and cold food and beverages from the Kirkbride Café in Salem and the Valley Café in Junction City. If your visit takes place in the Kirkbride Café or Valley Café, you may bring your debit card to purchase a meal or snack to enjoy while the café is open. Visitors must discard or take any leftovers with them when they leave. With the exception of the Crossroads program, patients may not bring food back to their unit.

When bringing food from outside the hospital:

  • Items (food and non-alcoholic drinks) must be in their original, factory- sealed containers. Containers cannot be glass, metal, or aluminum.
  • Food and drinks may not be homemade or from a restaurant
  • Plastic grocery bags are not permitted

Family dining

Special occasions call for a special meal with family. The Family Dining Room provides the perfect setting to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday or other memorable occasion. Visit our Family Dining page for more information.



Due to privacy and confidentiality needs, pictures of or with patients are only allowed with prior arrangement and permission. Please contact the patient’s unit for more information.


Visitor Cottage

OSH Salem has a visitor cottage for visitors traveling a long distance. Please contact the patient’s social worker to request a reservation.
  • Reservations are required at least one week in advance
  • The cost is $5 per night, per room, to be paid upon check in
  • Visitors may stay for a maximum of three nights in a 30-day time period
  • If your reservation request is approved, staff will assign you a private bedroom, but you will share all other areas (living room, dining, kitchen and bathrooms) with other guests
  • You will be provided with bed linens and towels

Holiday Visits

Oregon State Hospital observes several holidays throughout the year and follows holiday visitation hours (see Visitation Schedule)  on those days. When a holiday falls on a Saturday, OSH will observe holiday hours on the Friday before the holiday. When a holiday falls on a Sunday, OSH will follow holiday visitation hours on the Monday after the holiday. Below is a list of the holidays that OSH currently observes.
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

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