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Oregon State Hospital encourages family and friends to visit and maintain relationships with their loved ones staying at the hospital. Each of the hospital's six treatment programs has specific visitation hours and rules. Learn more about your loved one's current program.

Programs and Locations   Rules and Hours

Before Visiting Patients

All visitors must complete a visitor's application before seeing a patient. Please keep in mind that a patient may decline a visitor at any time.

Adult Apply to Visit                        Minor Apply to Visit
 Instructions for Visiting Application

Each visitor, including children, must fill out separate applications. After the hospital receives an application and conducts a background check, it will send the application to the patient's treatment team. The team will work with the patient to make a final decision about each visitor.

Before your first visit, call the hospital...

Salem: 503-945-2800 or 1-800-544-7078 (toll-free)
Junction City: 541-465-2554

Checking in

All visitors must check in at the main entrance. Look for the pink E on the map for the campus you are visiting. Limited parking is available for persons with disabilities near the front entrance, and there is plentiful parking on the grounds. You may have to walk a ways to the main entrance. You can drop off passengers at the entrance via a circular driveway.

 Campus Maps of Salem and Junction City

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