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Meet the team: Dr. Wilnise Jasmin

Thursday, March 28, 2024

​As OSH's deputy chief medical officer, Dr. Wilnise Jasmin uses her expertise in primary care medicine, population health, and hospital administration to help the hospital continue its mission and commitment to improving patient care and safety.

Her work is varied with a focus on the aspects of hospital processes and committees tasked with maintaining quality standards, making strategic decisions to enhance patient care whether it through   improving quality metrics or decisions for technology implementation or utilization review related to patients and the hospital's electronic health record system. She also provides leadership to teams working to implement and track changes related to hospital accreditation and supervises the hospital's laboratory and pharmacy services where work is currently underway to modernize the delivery of services of these departments.

While her primary role is administrative, she also connects with patients as a physician. On Fridays, she provides primary care services in the Medical Clinic and is participates in the on-call physician schedule.

“I'm really enjoying it and love the resources available. The nurses there are wonderful and very good at screening, so I have all the information I need to treat the patients," she said.

Jasmin started at OSH in June 2023 and reflecting on her journey to OSH, she was drawn to the hospital's unique interdisciplinary team model to provide comprehensive treatment to patients. A patient's interdisciplinary team may include members from medical, psychology, psychiatry, nursing, social work, licensed recreation, creative arts and occupational therapists, other direct support workers and the patients themselves.

“That was something I didn't see in Illinois where I was working before," she said. “If you want the experience of working with an interdisciplinary team that includes patients as members of the team, you'll have many different areas that will complement your work here. You'll find support for the work you're trying to do. Whether it's psychiatry, primary care, social work, psychology, nursing, peer support– there's room for you here."

Jasmin comes to Salem from Chicago where she worked for the city's public health department as the medical director of behavioral health services.

“Everyone has been so welcoming," she said. “Not that I didn't expect that; it was so nice to have that welcome. Everyone has tips on places to visit and getting to know the state. I've also enjoyed working with the patients here. They're very appreciative of the care they receive here. There's such a stigma against mental health and we're working to connect with them on a human level. It's gratifying to know that I can help them and make a difference."

In the past nine months, Jasmin has noticed something else inspiring about the staff at OSH – “There are people here who spend the majority of their career here and you see them get promoted here. That shows me that there's room for growth."

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