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Optional Dependent Life Insurance

Eligibility and Effective Dates

All PEBB-eligible employees may enroll for life insurance coverage on their dependents.
Effective Dates
If you enroll within 60 days of your hire date or date of eligibility, the coverage becomes effective the first of the following month.
If you enroll during Open Enrollment, the coverage becomes effective January 1 of the new plan year. 

Premium Rate

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Description of Benefit

This is term life insurance. The beneficiary receives the benefit payment if the covered person dies while covered under the policy. In this case, that is while the employee who purchases the coverage is a PEBB-eligible state employee and premium payments for the coverage are current.
The Standard pays the benefit upon death from any cause, excluding suicide during the first two years of coverage. If the covered individual dies by suicide during the first two years of coverage, The Standard will not pay the benefit but will refund the premiums paid during that period.  
This insurance does not accumulate any kind of cash value.
Coverage Amount
Dependent Life Insurance for Spouse or Domestic Partner and Eligible Children of Active Employees: $5,000. You pay the premiums.
 ● Optional Life Insurance Certificate
 ● More Information in Summary Plan Description
 ● The Standard Insurance Company Website


 You are the beneficiary.

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