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Information for Birth Parents of Adoptees

Access to records

Under Oregon law, the biological parents of a child who has been adopted cannot order a copy of their child’s original birth record or a copy of the legal birth record after adoption unless they obtain a court order from an Oregon court. For reference, see Oregon Revised Statutes 432.245(4); 432.228(1); and 432.250.

Birth parents may state their preference for personal contact with the adoptee

The 1999 Oregon Legislature passed HB 39194 to provide a way for birth parents to file a form with the Oregon Center for Health Statistics (CHS) stating their preference about personal contact with the adoptee. The completed preference form will be filed in at CHS along with the original birth certificate in a sealed file. Contact preference forms are mailed to adoptees when the birth records are released. If the preference form is filed within six months of issuance of the preadoption birth certificate, Vital Records will forward the contact preference form to the address of the adoptee listed on the order form.

To match the Contact Preference Form to the birth record, it is very important to provide an accurate date of birth, place of birth, and facility of birth. In some cases a match to the original birth record may not be possible without this information.

If a birth parent wants contact, they may complete aContact Preference Form and mail it directly to:

Oregon Center for Health Statistics
Certification Unit
PO Box 14050
Portland OR 97293-0050

If a birth parent does not want contact, aBirth Parent Updated Medical History form must be completed. Please note: This form requires legal size (8.5 x 14) paper. File it either with the adoption agency involved, or with:

Department of Human Services
Adoption Services/Registry, 2nd Floor South
500 Summer Street NE, E71
Salem, OR 97301-1068

Once the medical history form has been received, a certification statement will be forwarded to the Oregon Center for Health Statistics office. Without this certification document, CHS cannot file and release the contact preference form for birth parents who do not want contact.

If you have any questions about the forms or the filing of these forms, you may call either the Oregon Center for Health Statistics at (971) 673-1190, or Adoption Services/Registry at (503) 945-6643.