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Other Available Records

Commemorative Certificates of Stillbirth are available for stillbirths occurring after January 1, 1999 to the biological parents of the stillborn child. A fetal death certificate must be on file before a certificate of stillbirth can be issued. Please see our Certificate of Stillbirth page for more information.

Certified No Record of Marriage Documents may be requested by the registrant or a family member to meet the requirements of foreign countries to prove eligibility to marry abroad. To request one, complete the application for a marriage record with your name and date of birth. Where the date of marriage is requested include the time period you want to have searched. Our office will search a five year period for the basic record fee. If you need more than five years searched, there is a charge of $1.00 for every additional year requested. Please add a note to your order that you need a certified No Record of Marriage. The country where you use this document may also require that this document be authenticated. Please see the Oregon Secretary of State web page on obtaining Apostille/Authentication documents for additional information about authentication documents.

Preadoption Birth Records may be ordered by an adoptee age 21 and over. If you are not the adoptee, you need a notarized permission note from the adoptee who is over age 21. All other persons need a court order from an Oregon court to obtain the preadoption birth record. For more information and order forms see our Preadoption Birth Records pages. For reference see ORS 432.228 and 432.250.

Adoption Reports or Decrees filed in the vital record sealed file may be released by order of an Oregon court. The order should specify who may receive the documents. Applicants will need legal assistance to petition an Oregon court. Send an original certified copy of the court order to open the sealed file. The court order will be retained in our files. Document costs are $24 for a certified copy and $4 per page for an uncertified copy. For reference see ORS 432.245 and 432.250.

Correction Affidavits for birth and death records have not always been retained. However, if there is a footnote on the record that includes an affidavit number and the correction was made within the last 20-30 years it may be possible to obtain an uncertified or certified copy. Persons eligible to order the birth or death record may order copies of the affidavits footnoted on the records. Corrections forwarded from county marriage and county courts to amend marriage and divorce records are not available from our office. Document costs are $24 for a certified copy and $4 per page for an uncertified copy.

Court Orders/Judgments of name change, change of sex, or court judgments that establish paternity should be requested directly from the court that approved them.

Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavits are stored with our state archives. Only parents listed, or the person named on the record can request and receive a copy Acknowledgment of Paternity Affidavit that was processed by submitting the appropriate order form, photocopy of their ID, and the fee. Document costs are $24 for a certified copy and $4 per page for an uncertified copy. Oregon law allows one exception: Voluntary Acknowledgments filed after October 1, 1995 may be requested by child support enforcement programs created under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. For reference see ORS 432.245(4) and 432.098(3).

To order, please see our Oregon Paternity Affidavit Order Form

Parent/Parent Birth Records available upon request. The Center for Health Statistics can provide birth certificates that list the parents as "Parent/Parent" instead of "Mother/Father." Records that indicate the parents are Oregon-registered domestic partners or married to someone of the same sex automatically use the format Parent/Parent. This format is available to other parents upon request.