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Voluntary EHS Training Program

View our new training program (pdf).  Over the years, we have received requests to develop a training program to help prepare Environmental Health Specialists (EHS) for working in food regulation. As a result, we put together a workgroup to create a voluntary EHS Training Program. This training program meets requirements for the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Voluntary Program Standard 2 (Trained Regulatory Staff). Please keep in mind that use of the training program is voluntary and that the local health departments have the complete authority and responsibility for training their staff. The training program can be modified to suit the local health department.

Temporary Restaurant Guidance

View our Temporary Restaurant handout (pdf).  It clearly outlines the types of temporary restaurants and how they should be licensed and inspected according to rule and statute.

Drinking Water System Rules for Licensed Facilities

These regulations only apply to licensed facilities that have dropped off the Drinking Water Program list because of changes in their definition of a public water system. Facilities that need to follow the newly adopted rules do not meet the DWP requirements of having at least 4 service connections or serve water to an average of at least 10 individuals daily at least 60 days each year.

View guidance documents for inspectors that need to do a sanitary survey (pdf) or help operators understand their sampling requirements (pdf).

Parasite Destruction

  • OHA staff and Oregon Department of Agriculture staff have created a handout with guidelines for sushi suppliers.

Food Security

  1. FDA Food Security for Retail Stores []
  2. OHA Disaster Epidemiology (Bioterrorism and Public Health Preparedness) - This site not food safety specific, but has interesting information and contacts for local health departments.
Sanitizer Use in Childcare Facilities
Oregon Kids: Healthy and Safe (OKHS) is a training and online resource that early care and education professionals can use to provide healthy and safe environments and practices for children in their care.  Bleach is often mixed with water to sanitize and disinfect child care facilities. It is now stronger and may expose children and staff in child care settings to more chemicals than necessary if mixed using the old recipes. 
  • Read about and download the new recipes, posters and cards and frequently asked questions about bleach.  These materials can help child care providers use bleach and water solutions effectively to sanitize and disinfect  their facilities safely.
Communication Protocol

Guidance on how to best utilize FPHLSS for county staff with a list of our specialty areas and direct contact numbers.  


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