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Welcome to the Regulator's Website

The information on this page is designed for and intended for use by county partners who have specialized training and are Registered Environmental Health Specialists.

Some of the documents on this site now require a password to access. It is the same password you have used to access the Regulator's Page historically.

Guidance on Governor Brown's Phased Reopening

Reopening Guidance Tool

A helpful table to determine what is allowed in each phase of guidance.

Food Service COVID-19 Guidance

Pool and Spa COVID-19 Guidance

Phase 1 and 2

Public Pools and Spas can reopen in counties Phase 1 and Phase 2. Public Pools and Spas must follow Guidance for Licensed Swimming Pools, Licensed Spa Pools and Sports Courts.

Tourist Facilities COVID-19 Guidance

Organizational Camps

Recreational Parks

Recreational park facilities have not been closed at any point by Governor's Orders.

Traveler's Accommodations

Hotel/motel facilities have not been closed at any point by Governor's Orders.

Enforcement of Executive Orders

We expect that we will achieve voluntary compliance with the Executive Orders, but the rules are in place in unlikely event that enforcement is necessary. The implementation protocols describe how to use the warning letters for facilities that refuse to comply with executive orders around COVID-19. These letters are also available in English and Spanish in HealthSpace with the ability to create and attach them directly to the facility record.

New Rules - Enforcement of Executive Orders

The Oregon Health Authority (Authority), Public Health Division, has adopted OAR 333-003-1000 thru 333-003-3040  to implement the Governor's Executive Orders issued as a result of a declaration of an emergency due to the public health threat posed by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The Executive Orders include prohibitions on onsite consumption of food or drink unless the establishment operates in a county approved for Phase I, II, or III reopening and complies with Authority guidance. These rules provide the Authority with the ability to issue civil penalties and enforce the provisions of any Executive Order designated as a public health law, as long as the Executive Order is in effect. Please note that the requirements of these rules will expire when the Governor has terminated the Executive Order underlying the prohibition or requirement.

Pool and Tourist Program Regulators

Guidance Documents

Food Safety Regulators

Restaurant Q and A Licensing Q and A only Mobile Unit Q and A
All new or amended questions have an asterisk (*).

What's New

Program Plans

Mobile Unit Statewide Approval Letters

  • Mita's Italian Ice
  • Dutch Bros Large Coffee Trailer

Hot Topics

  • Licensed Facility Fees (pdf):
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Ordering Forms and Stickers

Use these forms to order all of your manuals, forms and stickers. The requisition forms shown here will always be the correct forms to use. Please follow the instructions on each form with regard to mail/fax numbers and contacts. These order forms are for county use only.

PDFs of placards that are no longer in print or are not available to order from OHA:

For any questions about ordering forms contact Tiffany Terry at 971-673-0195.

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