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Bulletins and Newsletters

Radiation Protection Services (RPS) bulletins and newsletters

Radiation Protection Services (RPS) periodically sends bulletins or Newsletters to registrants, licensees and interested parties throughout the year informing them of upcoming rule changes, how to comply with current rules, recent rule changes and other items that may concern registrants and licensees.

All files on this page are Adobe Reader (PDF) format unless otherwise noted.


01  Information Bulletin 2020-01 Gonadal Shielding

02  Information Bulletin 2020-02  Temporary Modification to Specific Rule Requirements (COVID-19)

03  Information Bulletin 2020-03 Temporary Exemption for Mobile X-Ray Exams (COVID-19)

04  Informational Bulletin 2020-04 Yttrium-90 Microsphere Brachytherapy Sources and Devices, Revision 10 and Updated NRC Training and Experience Form 313A Series

05  Informational Bulletin 2020-05 New mailing address to submit Criminal History fingerprint cards



Information Bulletin 2019-01
Fingerprint Cards Process Improvement



Informational Bulletin 2018-01
Individual Monitoring for Radiation Exposure During the Activation of a Fluoroscopic Tube


04 Amended Oregon Administrative Rules - Defining a Medical Event
03 Online Access to New X-Ray Registrant Website
02 Use of Lead Aprons During Dental X-Ray Procedures
01 NRC Request for I-131 Patient Information


07 Termination of the Handheld X-ray Device Exemption Request Program
06 Adoption of Division 125, Materials Safety and Security
05 Tanning Device Registration Fee Increase
04 Oregon Administrative Rule Variance and Exemption Requests - Review and Approval Process
03 Sales and Service Vendors, Providing X-ray Device Registration Services
02 Dense Breast Tissue Advisement
01 Clarification of OAR 333-116-0640, Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Training and Experience Requirements


06 Dosimetry Requirements for Medical and Veterinary Registrants
05 Source Collection and Threat Reduction (SCATR), Radioactive Material Disposal Opportunity
03 New and Revised Oregon Administrative Rules Affecting CT Operations
02 Radiological Analysis Fee Increase
01 Final Orders to be posted on Radiation Protection Services Website


05 Ban on Underage Tanning
December 2013 Tanning Newsletter
04 Dense Breast Tissue Advisement
03 Electronic Payment Now Available for Tanning Device Registration Fees
July 2013 Tanning Newsletter
2013 Aribex Exemption Renewal Form
Winter 2013 Tanning Newsletter


05 Online Access to Request Authorization to Perform Activities in Oregon
Spring 2012 Tanning Newsletter
04 Aribex-Manufactured Hand-Held Dental X-ray Unit Revised Exemption for General Dentistry & Dental Care at Locations for Underserved Populations (For Greater than Seven Days)
Attachment A: Request for Hand-Held Dental X-ray Exemption: Aribex Hand-Held Dental X-ray Units Only
Attachment B: Registrants already approved for an Aribex Hand-Held Dental Unit Exemption: Modification of Conditions
03 Use of Red Light Therapy (633 nm) lamps in Tanning Devices
02 RPS Intent to Inspect Therapy Registrant Facilities
01 Conference of Radiation Program Directors (CRCPD) Medical Event Reporting System


04 The Global Threat Reduction Initiative (GTRI) Domestic Threat Reduction Program and Federally Funded Voluntary Security enhancements for High-Risk Radiological Material
01 NRC Policy Regarding Release of Iodine-131 Therapy Patients Under CFR 35.75 to Locations Other Than Private Residences


09 Regarding Tanning Devices Manufactured Before September 8, 1986
08 Hand-Held Dental X-ray Systems
06 Tanning Rules Update
05 Radiological Analysis Fee Increase
03 The NRC requirements for a 24-hour Report for Certain Industrial Radiography events in Addition to the 30-day written report requirement to 10 CFR 34.101
02 Unwanted Radioactive Sources
01 Tanning Rule and Program Update


07 The NRC has received numerous Reports of Fixed Gauge Shutter Closure Failures Occurring During Shutter Closure Checks Performed by the Licensee
06 Radiation Overexposure during perfusion CT imaging to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a stroke
05 Reportable Medical Events Involving Treatment Delivery Errors Caused by Confusion of Units for the Specification of Brachytherapy Sources
04 Exemption from 10 CFR Part 32 and 10 CFR Part 35 Requirements on Procurement and Transfer of Technetium-99m
03 Licensees who Perform Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Procedures: NRC Regulatory Issue 2008-31
02 Contamination Events Resulting from Damage to Sealed Radioactive Sources
01 Molybdenum-99 Generator Breakthrough Concerns


01 Provisions for Documentation of Training and Experience to Identify Individuals on a License as an Authorized User (AU), Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist (ANP), or Authorized Medical Physicist (AMP)


02 Provisions for Recognizing and "Grandfathering" Authorized Medical Physicists (AMPs) under 10 CFR 35.2, 35.14, 35.51 and 35.57 and OAR 333-116 Rules
01 All Medical Users of Radioactive Iodine(1-125 or I-131): Change in Written Directive Requirements

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