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Priority Areas

Health Literacy, Plain Language, and Design March 19, 2019
Follow-up Materials
Below are the PDFs of the slides from each session:

Oregon’s Title V priorities for 2016-2020

Click on a priority area for background information, performance measures and resources. 

State Performance Measures
  • Percent of 8th and 11th graders who report being bullied or harassed at school for any reason​ 
Grantees Working on this Priority 
  • To be determined

A) The percentage of children in low-income households with a high housing cost burden​
B) The percentage of children living in a household that received food or cash assistance 
C) The percentage of households with children < 18 years of age experiencing food insecurity

Culturally and linguistically responsive services
A) Percentage of children age 0 - 17 years who have a healthcare provider who is sensitive to their family's values and customs
B​) Percentage of new mothers who have ever experienced discrimination while getting any type of health or medical care
Toxic stress, trauma, ACEs and resilience
A) Percentage of new mothers who experienced stressful life events before or during pregnancy
B) Percentage of mothers of 2-year-olds who have adequate social support​

Grantees Working on this Priority
  • To be determined

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