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Reproductive Health Services & Supplies

This page has resources and tools for providing medical services under the RH Program. Click the jump links below to get to specific sections of the page:

Purchasing Contraceptives

RHCare and CCare clinics are required to dispense a broad range of contraceptive methods on site at the time of the client’s visit. This resource is a list of vendors and distributors of contraceptives.

Where to Purchase Contraceptives

RH Program-Specific Resources

RH Program Services

This webinar gives a broad overview of RH Program services.

Charting Guidance

While the RH Program uses the CVR for billing and data submission, the CVR does not substitute for charting. Clients' records must contain information sufficient to justify the diagnosis codes and medical services recorded on the CVR. This resource provides guidance of what chart notes must contain to support how the visit was billed.

Chart Documentation Guidance

STI Services

One of the most complicated aspects of the RH Program is STI Services. To help clinic staff figure out the who, what, when, and how the RH Access Fund covers STI Services, we created the below resource. It contains a summary, quick look chart, and FAQs.

STI Coverage Summary & FAQs

Pregnancy Options brochures

The RH Program requires that clients with positive pregnancy tests be provided neutral, factual information and nondirective counseling on prenatal care, adoption, and abortion, per the client’s desire. Clients must also be offered a written pregnancy options brochure that lists resources for all three options. To ensure this information is available to all clients, we created the below brochure in both English and Spanish. The brochures are partially editable, so you can personalize them to include resources from your community.

Pregnancy Options brochure - English | Spanish

Vasectomy Services

The RH Access Fund  using different funding sources to pay for vasectomy services depending on the client's citizenship / immigration status. For more information on vasectomy services covered by the RH Access Fund see the resources below.

Vasectomy Services under the RH Program

Vasectomy Referral Form (pdf)

Services Rendered Form (pdf)

Federal Consent for Sterilization Form (pdf) - 

Billing for Vasectomy Services

Medication Information Sheets

Oregon’s Board of Pharmacy requires that a drug informational fact sheet accompany any drug dispensed from a Community Health Clinic (OAR 855-043-0740). To address this requirement we developed medication information sheets for prescriptive birth control methods. Each medication information sheet provides information on how to appropriately use and store the medicine; as well as precautions, and adverse events.

Cervical Barriers: Diaphragms and Cervical Caps English Spanish
Combined Birth Control Pills English Spanish
Depo-Provera English Spanish
Emergency Contraception English Spanish
Implant English Spanish
IUD/IUS English Spanish
Patch English Spanish
Progestin-Only Pills English Spanish
Vaginal Ring English Spanish

Screening Tools

Screening for alcohol and drug use, depression, and sexual coercion is a healthcare best practice. These are four validated screening tools that clinics may use.

Alcohol Use English Spanish
Depression English Spanish
Drug Use English Spanish
Sexual Coercion English Spanish

Consent Forms

Consent for RH Services

RH Program providers are required to ensure that all clients have a signed consent for reproductive health services in their medical record. The consent must include specific information to ensure clients are informed of how and what RH services are provided and any limitations. The following consent form was developed for use by RH Program providers to ensure the required information is included and meets the RH Program's requirements.

                English Spanish
Simplified Chinese

Consent for Insertions and Removals

Clients are required to sign a consent form before they undergo a medical procedure (i.e. insertion / removal of an IUC or implant); and the consent form must include the information needed for the client to make an informed decision. To help clinics meet this requirement, we created these sample consent forms. Clinics may also use the consent form included in each devices' packaging. Either option is acceptable.

IUC Consent Form English Spanish
Implant Consent Form English Spanish

Sample Health History Forms

RH Program providers must obtain and record a comprehensive health history that is kept in the client’s medical record. The comprehensive health history must be collected at the initial visit and updated annually. Registered Nurses are permitted through the Board of Pharmacy’s CHC license to dispense birth control methods through standing orders. To ensure the necessary information is available for RNs to assess an individual’s health history, the RH program developed sample Initial Health History and Annual Health History forms.

Initial Health History English Spanish
Annual Health History English Spanish

Determining Need for Services

Not sure what family planning services your client needs? This chart, based on the QFP recommendations, provides evidence-based guidance to help you determine what services are needed for women, men and young people of reproductive age.

Clinical Pathway: Determining Need for Services Among Clients of Reproductive Age

Healthy Weight Management

Healthy Weight Management Toolkit

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