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Board of Cosmetology - Tools for Schools


The Health Licensing Office (HLO) created the Tools for Schools page to facilitate the certification process for graduating students. Our goal is to help qualified candidates obtain certification as quickly as possible so they can start working.

Transcript Requirements

HLO and the Board of Cosmetology require the following information to be on each transcript received for students. Transcripts must be sent to HLO directly from the Oregon educational institution (private career school, community college or high school). If the following information is not provided, the transcript will not be accepted:

  • Student's name, address and birth date
  • School name and address
  • School license number
  • School seal or notary stamp
  • Total hours for each field of practice taken (safety and sanitation shall be incorporated in each practical experience for barbering, esthetics, hair design and nail technology).
    • Barbering - 746 hours, 465 practical operations
    • Esthetics - 444 hours, 220 practical operations
    • Hair Design - 1,110 hours, 455 practical operations
    • Nail Technology - 241 hours, 70 practical operations
    • Oregon Laws and Rules - 20 hours
    • Career Development - 20 hours
  • Enrollment date and any prior enrollment dates or transferred hours (enclose transcripts from previous school)
  • Graduation date
  • Withdrawal date if applicable
  • Date of practical examination
  • Authorized signatures listed on the "Authorized Representative Form" filed with agency

Fax transcripts to 503-370-9004. Schools can also submit official transcripts via email. School representatives can contact the Office at 503-378-8667 to request the Authorized Representatives for Official Transcripts Form.

Transcript Submission

Under Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 817-005-0005 27(a), only authorized school personnel may submit completed official transcripts.

These transcripts must be issued by an Oregon educational institution of barbering, hair design, esthetics or nail technology.

Completed original official transcripts of practical examination must be signed by an authorized school personnel proctoring the sanctioned examination, certifying that criteria for the practical examination were met and that the applicant satisfactorily demonstrated minimum competencies established by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), Private Career Schools Licensing Unit (PCS), in collaboration with HLO and the Board of Cosmetology.

For most current transcripts, call HECC's Private Career Schools Licensing Unit at (503) 947-5751.

Recertification of Training

OAR 817-030-0065 requires applicants to obtain recertification of training after failing any section of the written examination on the third and sixth attempts.

Please contact HLO to obtain certificate of additional training forms for each field of practice and the Oregon Laws & Rules section of the examination. These certificates must be submitted by the school to HLO upon completion of the applicant's recertification.

Requirements for retaking an examination can be found on the license information pages:

Graduate Examination Reports

School examination reports are available upon request. Please contact Nathan Goldberg at to request reports.