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Partners and Further Training


First Tooth Advisory Board

Throughout the duration of the three-year Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) workforce grant, the First Tooth Advisory Board met to provide advice and oversight for the project. It was instrumental in the identification and optimization of resources to sustain the First Tooth project beyond the three-year grant period. Many of the members are still involved with the project as part of the Oregon Oral Health Coalition (OrOHC).

Oregon Oral Health Coalition’s First Teeth First Committee

Since 2002, the Oregon Oral Health Unit and the Oregon Oral Health Coalition have been leveraging expertise and other resources to facilitate community-based programs that prevent early childhood cavities from pregnancy through preschool. First Tooth represents a culmination of significant efforts and collaboration.

Washington Dental Service Foundation

The Washington Dental Service Foundation is a non-profit founded and funded by Delta Dental of Washington working with partners throughout the state and nation.

The First Tooth curriculum, training tools, and educational materials were developed to aid medical and dental providers of pediatric patients in delivering oral health services.

The curriculum and tools were adapted or used with permission from the Washington Dental Service Foundation and the American Academy of Pediatrics Oral Health Initiative.

Other key stakeholders First Tooth is working with:

  • State and Local WIC Programs
  • State and Local Head Start Programs
  • Local County Health Departments
  • Local Medical and Dental Societies
  • Dental Care Organizations (Advantage, Capitol, CareOregon, etc.)

Further Comprehensive Training

For more comprehensive training on early childhood caries, please contact these resources: