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Immunization Information for Dentists

Toothbrush, tube of toothpaste, vaccine syringe and vaccine vialsIn 2019, Governor Kate Brown signed legislation allowing Oregon licensed dentists to administer vaccines after completing Board-approved required training and following relevant rules to administer vaccinations safely. The Oregon Administrative Rule for dental administration of vaccine, OAR 410-123-1262, also includes vaccination reporting requirements:

Vaccine Storage and Handling and Administration

COVID-19 Vaccine

Dentists are being asked to participate in COVID-19 immunization efforts by enrolling to become COVID-19 vaccine providers. The orange button at the top of this page has information about enrolling.

Vaccine for Children Program (VFC)

A dental practice interested in vaccinating may also wish to participate in the Vaccines for Children program (VFC), which supplies federally purchased vaccines to participating health care providers at no cost, for immunizing eligible children through age 18. If your clinic wishes to enroll in VFC contact the VFC Helpdesk at 971-673-4VFC (4832) or to begin the enrollment process.

Purchasing Vaccine

Vaccine can be ordered directly from various vaccine manufacturers, or through pharmaceutical distribution companies. Some manufacturers may refer you to a distributor.

ManufacturersWebsitePhone Number
Merck Vaccineswww.merckvaccines.com1-877-VAX-MERCK
Pfizer Vaccineswww.pfizerpro.com1‑800‑505‑4426
Grifols (for TdVax)www.grifolstdvaccine.com1-888-GRIFOLS
Dynavax (for Heplisav-B) 1-844-375-4728
Pharmaceutical DistributorWebsitePhone Number
FFF Enterpriseswww.fffenterprises.com1-800-843-7477
Cardinal Healthwww.cardinalhealth.com1-800-926-3161

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