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PEBB and Other Carrier Forms

1095 Proof of Coverage for the 2021 tax year

  • All full-time employees in 2021 who enrolled or opted out of a PEBB plan should receive a 1095-C.  
  • Part-time employees in 2021 who enrolled in Providence or Moda should also receive a 1095-C. 
  • Any employee enrolled in a Kaiser plan should receive a 1095-B from Kaiser. 
When will 1095-C's be sent?
The IRS granted an extension of due date for furnishing statements. The due date for furnishing Form 1095-C to individuals is extended from January 31, 2022, to March 2, 2022. See Proposed Regulations section 301.6056-1(g) and Extensions of time to furnish statements to recipients.

Do 1095-Cs need to be sent with my tax returns?
No. These forms should not be attached to the return or sent to the IRS. The issuers of the forms (State of Oregon) are required to send the information to the IRS separately. You should keep the forms for your records, with your other important tax documents. For more information:

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Filling out forms:

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  3. Download the form to the Documents folder on your computer before filling it out.
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  5. Save your PDF before sharing it!
  6. The last page of each form has information about where to send it.

Searching Forms

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