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Lactation Consultant Program - Board Meetings

Note: The Lactation Consultant Program does not have a board that meets regularly. If the program holds rules advisory committee meetings, rule hearings, or any other public meetings, they will be listed here.

Program Meetings Held by Teleconference Only

The Health Licensing Office is not currently open to the public during the COVID-19 emergency. During this state of emergency all public meetings are being conducted by teleconference only.

To listen in to a Lactation Consultant Program public meeting, please call:
(503) 934-3605 and enter Conference PIN number: 814389, followed by the pound (#) key.

Please refer to each individual meeting below for directions to call in as agendas become available and posted.

The schedule on each board meeting page is subject to change, so please check the specific board page to confirm meeting date, time, and agenda prior to calling in.