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Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) Effectiveness Monitoring


The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) is a U.S. Department of Agriculture program that pays farmers to rent their land along streams for restoration and conservation purposes. In this program, riparian buffers are established, maintained, and removed from agricultural production for 10-15 years. Each state provides their own match funding to this program and in Oregon, OWEB provides a 25% match.

Oregon’s CREP program is unique from other states due to its cumulative impact incentive payment. This is an additional payment that a landowner (or group of landowners) can receive if the riparian establishment is more than 2.5 miles of a 5-mile stream segment. The Oregon program also funds conventional projects at the standard compensation rate.

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OWEB provides competitive, statewide CREP Technical Assistance (TA) grants to support costs associated with local CREP program implementation including staffing, travel, training, outreach, and planning. OWEB issues a solicitation for CREP TA Grant applications every 2 years.

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