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Willanch Creek Restoration: Reduced stream temperatures and improved fish passage for Coho Salmon

View upstream through diversion, after project 

Project Number



Coos Watershed Association


Historical agricultural and timber industry land uses degraded salmon habitat beginning in the mid-1800s.

Project Overview

Reduced stream temperatures and improved fish passage for Coho Salmon.

The Coos Watershed Association began restoration and monitoring in Willanch Creek in 1995. Restoration actions included riparian plantings, road improvements, road decommissioning, fish passage projects and large woody debris placements. The creek is now 10-Fahrenheit degrees cooler. Water flowing through the creek and floodplain takes a more natural path, contributing to high quality fish habitat over time. Projects have restored critical Coho Salmon adult access to spawning grounds and juvenile access to the estuary.

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Technical Report: Willanch Creek Technical Report

For more information, please search OWEB's Grant Management System ​(OGMS) for Project Number 218-7000-16534​.