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Small Grant Payee Information


Each biennium Small Grant Teams list in their Bylaws those entities eligible to act as payees for the team grants. The payee has several duties.


Receive, sign, and keep a copy of the application.

Grant Agreement

  • Receive and sign copies of the small grant agreement from the Small Grant Team, and follow instructions for forwarding signed copies.
  • Receive one fully executed copy of the grant agreement.
  • File the grant agreement along with a copy of the application.

Budget Amendments

Actual expenses do not need to mirror line item amounts in the original application. However, or if the grantee wishes to add line items that did not appear in the original budget, then a Budget Amendment Request must be submitted to the Project Manager for the Board.


Small grants may have a maximum of two payments. The payee gathers documentation and submits requests for payment as detailed below.

Billing Instructions


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