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Small Grant Teams

Priority Watershed Concerns

OWEB encourages teams to use the Small Grant Program as a complement to local watershed-related plans in an effort to further establish goals for watershed enhancement and protection. Such plans include but are not limited to, Watershed Council Assessments and Action Plans, Agricultural Water Quality Management Area Plans, and urban non-point source pollution management plans. Priority watershed concerns adopted by the Small Grant Team should address the source of watershed health problems rather than the effects.

Overview & Eligibility

The Small Grant Program is an excellent opportunity for watershed councils, soil and water conservation districts, and tribes to build strong local support for watershed stewardship activities. Oregon has 28 Small Grant Teams, each eligible to receive $100,000 for the biennium to put toward eligible Small Grant Projects. Teams are cooperative arrangements where all members work together to establish strong connections with each other, citizens, and state and federal agency representatives. To be eligible for OWEB funding, a Small Grant Team must have at least two actively participating members, one from a council and one from a district. All team members should be familiar with the OWEB Small Grant Program administrative rules.



Interactive map of teams with contact information

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