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Request a Time Extension Amendment


All time extension amendment requests are submitted via OWEB’s Grant Management System (OGMS). See our OGMS Help page for login and other OGMS basics. No other grant amendments can be submitted via OGMS; contact your Project Manager to submit any other type of amendment.


When you log into OGMS, click OGMS Menu at the top of the page. 

From the OGMS Menu, you will see links for Grants Eligible for a Time Extension Amendment and Review My Requests.

All your grants that are currently eligible for a time extension amendment are listed. At the top of the page is a brief explanation of the criteria required for a grant to appear on the page. If the grant you want to extend is not listed, one of the following is making it ineligible.

  • The grant has an advance of 120 days or more
  • The grant funds are expired or will soon expire
  • The grant has been flagged as non-extendable by your OWEB Project Manager

Contact your Project Manager for help determining the cause of ineligibility.

Requesting a Time Extension

Click New Time Extension in the last column for the project you wish to extend. On the Time Extension Amendment Request page, enter a new grant end date, provide a brief but comprehensive justification for the extension, and click Submit. A notification e-mail will be sent to your OWEB Project Manager.

You will receive an e-mail indicating whether your time extension request has been recommended for approval or denial. All your time extension amendment requests and their statuses are listed on the Review My Requests page. In the far right column, click View to see a submitted request or Edit to go change a request that hasn’t been acted upon by your Project Manager.

Approval Recommendation

Any approval recommendation will be forwarded to the Grant Program Manager (in Salem) for final approval. You will receive an e-mail from OGMS once the request has been approved. Keep a copy of the approval for your files.

Denial Recommendation

The OWEB Project Manager will provide a reason for any denial recommendation, which will be emailed to you from OGMS. You may revise your request and submit a new request following the steps above. You may call your Project Manager for clarification of any denied time extensions.


Please direct questions or comments to your project manager.