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Resources for Residential Providers

The current BRS Rate Table can be viewed from the Billing and Payment for Services and Placement-Related Activities rules for each of the following agencies.

From the agency's rule, scroll to a link for a downloadable PDF of the rate table.

Community Resources Unit​ -

Monica Moran, Manager of Community Resources - Residential

​Community Resources Specialist Assignments​
​Khris Ward

  • ​​​​​Morrison (Counterpoint)
  • ​Joyce Finley Foundation
  • J Bar J (Boys Ranch and The Apartment, The LOFT, J5, Grandma's House)
  • Klamath ​Crimson Rose
  • Community Outreach, Inc.

​Karri Robinson

  • ​Connections 365 (The Continuum, IGO, Compass, Project 180°)
  • ​Looking Glass (Pathways Girls)
  • OCP
  • Youth Unlimited Inc.
  • Parrott Creek
  • Homestead Youth and Family Services
  • Sponsors, Inc.

​Eric Wall

  • ​​​​​Janus Youth Programs (Buckman, Cordero, and Atlas)​
  • ​Josephine Turning Point
  • Next Door, Inc.
  • NORCOR Youth Care Center
  • Team Bailey​

Tracie Stone​
  • ​Polk Youth Services
  • Multnomah County - Assessment and Evaluation
  • NW Youth Discovery
  • Youth Progress (CCAP)
  • St. Mary's Home for Boys​

The following forms are provided as a resource for reporting BRS information to OYA's Community Resources Unit.

The information entered into the forms is intended for limited business use and may be exempt from public disclosure. As a contractual obligation of confidentiality with OYA, BRS providers must comply with OYA's Information Asset Classification requirements for handling restricted information.

Please contact OYA's Community Resources Unit with questions.

The Juvenile Provider Access System (JPAS) is a subsystem of the statewide-integrated Juvenile Justice Information System (JJIS), and is designed to facilitate information sharing between OYA or county juvenile parole/probation staff and contracted providers throughout the youth referral, screening, and placement process. 

JPAS is a "lens" of JJIS and can only be accessed by authorized provider agency users. 
JPAS shows providers information they need about the youth referred to them.  It gives providers a real-time view of information in a  youth's JJIS notebook to help automate the referral, wait list, and acceptance process; and easily share information about a youth's progress with their JPPO. 

JPAS users' access is monitored and may be terminated for violations of the use of JJIS as outlined in the JJIS User Security Agreement.  
Criminal behavior can result in economic damages or loss to the victim of that crime. The amount of loss is called restitution and the person responsible is ordered by the court to pay this amount.


OYA Community Resources

JPPOs and Field Supervisors

Child abuse hotline: 
1-855-503-SAFE (7233)