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Addiction Services

Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission
The Commission's goal is to improve health and safety, strengthen families, reduce crime and save taxpayer dollars through the effective implementation of a unified, coordinated alcohol and drug prevention and recovery system.

Co-Occurring Disorders
The high prevalence of alcohol and other drug addiction co-occurring with mental health disorders requires concurrent and coordinated identification, evaluation, and treatment.

DUII for Providers
DUII service system resources and forms specific to DUII treatment providers and, alcohol and drug evaluation and screening specialists (ADES).

Health Professional Services Program
Confidential monitoring program for health professional licensees who are unable to practice with professional skill and safety due to a substance use disorder, a mental health disorder, or both types of disorders. Reliant Behavioral Health to provides the program.

Medication Assisted Treatment and Recovery (U MATR)
U MATR-Educational web page was developed to provide support to providers and individuals seeking to gather information related to the use of medications to treat substance use disorders.

Prevention for Providers
HSD's and SAMHSA's Prevention Platform is a systemic community-based approach, which aims to ensure that substance abuse prevention programs can and do produce results. This approach to prevention will help move our state closer to the vision of local community members using the powers of prevention to lead healthier, longer lives.

Problem Gambling
Treatment and counseling services are available free to any Oregon resident who has problems related to gambling, either as a problem gambler or as a family member or friend of a problem gambler.

Trauma-Informed and Trauma-Specific Services
It is the policy of HSD that all state and community providers, and those who oversee public mental health and addiction services are informed about the effects of psychological trauma, assess for the presence of symptoms and problems related to that trauma, and develop and offer services that facilitate recovery in accordance with Oregon Administrative Rules.

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