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Seeking Members for the Board of Cosmetology Rules Advisory Committee

​The Health Licensing Office (HLO) and the Board of Cometology are currently seeking interested parties to serve as experts on a Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) for all cosmetology fields of practice (barbering, hair design, esthetics, nail technology and natural hair care). All administrative rules will be reviewed for accuracy and applicability to the cosmetology profession (five-year rule review). Topics under review include, but are not limited to, facility standards, esthetics scope of practice, safety and infection control.

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Practitioner information

The following regulated professions are overseen by the Board of Cosmetology. Learn more about applying for a license, associated fees, laws, rules and more by following the links below:

About the board

The Board of Cosmetology consists of seven members appointed by the governor:

  • Six certified practitioners with valid certificates
  • One public member who is not a practitioner

The term of office of each member of the board is four years, but a member serves at the pleasure of the governor. Vacancies are filled by the governor by appointment for the unexpired term. A member serves until the appointment and qualification of a successor.

A member is eligible for reappointment. If a member serves two consecutive full terms, a period of at least four years must elapse before the individual is again eligible for appointment to serve on the board.

Board members

Michele Strobel

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 1/25/2020

Michele Strobel began her skin care and cosmetic career in 1986 working as a promotional assistant for Estee Lauder. She was later a beauty adviser for Nordstrom. She is the founder and owner of Stratton Cosmetics, a mineral makeup collection. She enjoyed the skin care industry so much that she went back to school and studied esthetics at Bluestone Academy. She is a licensed esthetician in Oregon and a Master Esthetician in Washington. She works and resides in Eugene, Oregon.

Peggy Zepp

Peggy McJunkin

Term: 2nd Full
Term end: 9/30/2019

Peggy McJunkin is a certified esthetician and makeup artist with 15 years in the skin care industry. She is founder and owner of Enchanted Beauty, which provides facials, waxing, and event makeup artistry. McJunkin previously worked as a sales associate and manager specializing in skin care and make-up artistry for Nordstrom in Arizona, Colorado and Oregon. She graduated from Bassist College in Portland with an Associate of Arts degree in marketing and business management and from the Euro Institute of Skin Care in Beaverton. She is certified in manual lymphatic drainage and spa body works. 

“The state should recognize that not all estheticians receive the same training and education,” says McJunkin. “Esthetics certification should reflect that. The public has a right to know how educated or trained the skin care specialist may or may not be.”
Amber Starks

Amber Starks

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 11/9/2022

Amber Starks, a licensed natural hair stylist and owner of Conscious Coils Braiding and Natural Hair Salon in Portland, Oregon, joined the Board of Cosmetology in January 2015. Her love for natural hair care (styling without the use of chemicals) was inspired by her mother’s determination to style her own hair, as a young girl, naturally (braids, twists, and curls). In addition, she grew up honing her braiding and natural styling skills by practicing on dolls, herself, friends, family members, and as a professional in a braiding salon (in college). In 2012, Starks initiated House Bill 3409, the Natural Hair Act, which revised Oregon state law, providing natural hair stylists with a modified certification that does not require 1,700 hours of training at a cosmetology school. In January 2013, she opened the first all-natural hair salon in Oregon under the new law. Starks graduated from University of Oregon with a degree in general science. After graduation, she worked in fields including science and nonprofits, but, “I ultimately came back to hair care.”​

Roger Wert

Ragnar Wert

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 7/16/2022

Ragnar Wert is an Oregon native, born in Salem, who has lived all over the state. His cosmetology experience includes working with various lasers, radio frequency and pulsed-light applications, as well as management, compliance and administration, largely in the Portland metro area and with some training in Seattle.

He received his degree from Stretson University in Florida, majoring in integrative health science and minoring in psychology. He's currently working on a master's degree in counseling, psychology and human services with a prevention science specialization at University of Oregon.

"I'm passionate about esthetics as an industry and am particulary interested in laser/IPL/RF modalities as well as cosmetic medicine (with appropriate licensure and supervision, of course)," he said.
Franklin Whatley

Franklin Whatley

Term: 2nd Full
Term end: 11/20/2020

Franklin Whatley is a barber and educator who founded Mirror Vision, a new and innovative/interactive way of learning the art of clipper cutting, and who has been a barber at former NBA star Terrell Brandon’s barber shop since 2004.

Whatley also was an instructor at Beaumonde from 2010 to 2012. Previously he was a barber at Will’s Barber Shop in Cleveland, OH, where he also received his barbering certificate from Lake Erie Barber College.

Hien Nguyen

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 12/31/2022

Hien Nguyen was an English instructor in Vietnam for 2 years. She is currently a certified nail technician, a nail instructor as an intern for over a year and recently a certified esthetician. Nguyen can understand the difficulties and challenges that Vietnamese people have when they try to learn the English language. She had an opportunity to study in the U.S. as an international student of Portland Community College 14 years ago and obtained an Associate of Science degree. Because of this, Nguyen has experience with the differences between the American and Vietnamese cultures, lifestyles, and learning techniques. She has empathy for people who have just moved to the U.S., many of them from age 40 to 60 who have language barriers and struggle to adapt to a new environment. Her eagerness to share her experiences with her students is the driving force for her to improve her teaching skills.

Nguyen has proven to her students that cosmetology is not a job but an occupation; working with passion leads to success. Her students have successfully gained professional skills, knowledge, and a lot of experience after graduation. They are more confident in themselves and represent themselves as professional nail technicians in many nail salons.

The Board of Cosmetology currently has an opening for a Public Member. To apply, fill out the Application form.

Board recruitment

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer citizen board member? HLO-regulated boards seek new members as current board member terms expire.

Current board vacancies and information on how to apply.


For policy questions, contact Policy Analyst Samie Patnode at 503-373-1917 or

For licensing qualification questions, contact HLO at 503-378-8667 or

For board recruitment questions, contact Paige Sims at 503-373-1915 or

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