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Board of Direct Entry Midwifery - Information on Traditional Midwifery

Are you a traditional midwife in accordance with ORS 687.415?

What are the Exemptions Under the Law?

On January 1, 2015, new Board of Direct Entry Midwifery law under Oregon Revised Statutes 687.415 went into effect that requires persons performing midwifery duties in Oregon to be licensed by the State of Oregon unless:

  • The person is already licensed as a health care professional with midwifery duties within the scope of the license; or
  • The person is a traditional midwife.

What are the Criteria to be Considered a Traditional Midwife?

According to ORS 687.415 a traditional midwife:

  • Cannot use legend drugs and devices which require a license in Oregon
  • Cannot advertise as a midwife
  • Must provide a Board approved disclosure statement to every client

Traditional Midwife Information Disclosure Form

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