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Board of Direct Entry Midwifery - License Information

Application Requirements

To apply for a Direct Entry Midwifery license, you must submit the following required documentation when submitting your application:

  • Proof of having a high school diploma or equivalent;
  • Proof of being currently certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for infants and adults;
  • Proof of being currently certified in neonatal resuscitation;
  • A written plan for emergency transport for birthing person or newborn;
  • Proof of having a current Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential from the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM); and
  • Documentation of satisfactory participation in the following:
    • 25 deliveries as an assistant
    • 25 deliveries as the primary or the primary under supervision
    • 100 prenatal care visits
    • 25 newborn examinations
    • 40 postnatal examinations
    • 10 deliveries where continuity of care was provided as an assistant or primary care provider (the continuity of care must include four prenatal visits, one newborn examination, and one postpartum exam for each of the 10 deliveries);
  • Of the 50 births referenced above, at least 25 deliveries must have taken place as a community birth and 10 births must have occurred within the two years before the date of application;
  • To clarify the requirements above, experience as an assistant, primary or primary under supervision must have been obtained in one of the following ways:
    • As an Oregon licensed health care practitioner while the services provided were within the scope of the practitioner's license;
    • As a traditional midwife providing services in Oregon;
    • As an individual supervised by a Licensed Direct Entry Midwife; or
    • Under other lawful means.

If the applicant received the initial Legend Drugs and Devices continuing education (CE) prior to applying for licensure, it must have been obtained within two years before the date of application. If applicant receives the CE within 12 months after applying for licensure, the applicant must attest to having received the CE at the time of next renewal on a form prescribed by the Health Licensing Office.

If the applicant has not received the initial Legend Drugs and Devices CE at the time of application, this information must be disclosed to each patient on the required patient disclosure form. 

Application Process

Applicants must complete and submit an application form along with required identification, documentation and pay an application fee. The practitioner license application can be found in the forms section below.

Continuing Education

Learn more about Direct Entry Midwives continuing education requirements.

License Renewal

Application for license renewal should be made in advance of the license expiration date to avoid late fees and practicing with an expired license. Renewal applications are mailed to licensees approximately six weeks prior to license expiration courtesy of the Health Licensing Office.

Renewal applications must include:

  • Self-attestation of continuing education, including legend drugs and devices;
  • Evidence of having completed peer review;
  • Current neonatal resuscitation; and
  • Current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation for adults and infants.

Licensees may use HLO's online license renewal feature only after submitting required documentation listed above and receiving approval.

Contact HLO customer service at or 503-378-8667 for more information.