Online Services

​​Your DEQ OnlineThe new Your DEQ Online system for submittals such as permits, reporting obligations, license applications and more is now in use for these specific programs:

  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting for Electricity and Natural Gas Suppliers
  • Gasoline Transporter Permits for Tankers
  • Hazardous Waste Program - account registration only until October 6th
  • Asbestos Program 

If you DO NOT deal with the programs in this list, please do not register your account yet. See when other programs transition on the Your DEQ Online project schedule

For anyone working with the programs listed above, it's time to get started with Your DEQ Online by setting up your account. See the Your DEQ Online Account Registration guide for instructions or watch the recorded webinar. You may also view a webinar recording or register for one of available the webinars. 


Live webinar: Your DEQ Online Intro & Account Registration

Introduction to the Your DEQ Online system and step-by-step instructions for registering your account. Register for one of the following sessions.