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The Office of Policy and Analysis coordinates with the Governor’s Office and the Oregon Legislature in biennial budget development, assessing potential legislation, and evaluating and modifying existing statues that would help DEQ better fulfill our mission to be a leader in restoring, maintaining and enhancing the quality of Oregon's air, land and water. The office also serves as the central point of contact for legislators, and their staff, to help constituents find information and assistance from the department. 

2021-23 Budget planning

Planning for the 2021-23 two-year state budget cycle is underway. DEQ has developed a focused list of budget requests, known as “policy option packages” that will go before the Legislature when it convenes in January 2021. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic disruption and uncertainty, DEQ continues to uphold its responsibilities to protect and enhance the health of Oregonians and the environment.

For questions or to comment on DEQ's budget and policy proposals, email: DEQBUDGET2021@deq.state.or.us

DEQ 2019-21 budget reduction plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to public health and the economy in Oregon. As a result state revenues are expected to decline significantly from previous projections. Governor Brown has asked all state agencies to provide plans for reducing their current two-year General Fund budgets by 17 percent. DEQ is making every effort to preserve programs critical to our mission of protecting public health and the environment. Most reductions were accomplished by stopping new hires and not replacing people who have left the agency. We also have restricted spending on some contracts, travel and supplies. Nonetheless, DEQ expects the reductions, if carried out, will have tangible impacts, including slowing or even reversing efforts to reduce outdated permits, slowing implementation of Oregon's air toxics program (Cleaner Air Oregon), and making it harder to identify where and why water quality is improving or worsening in Oregon. 

​​2019 Legislative concepts

Budgetary process

2019-21 Budget process

Agency Request Budget

Legislative reports

DEQ's reports to the Legislature are available on our Legislative Publications page.


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