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Clean Fuels Program 2024

Proposed rule

Rulemaking contact: Bill Peters, 503-863-6259

The primary goal of this rulemaking is to update the requirements and tools used to account for greenhouse gas emissions for the Clean Fuels Program. Routine updates are needed to stay current with the latest science and remain harmonized with regional transportation fuels policy. 

Topics that will be under consideration for this rulemaking may include:

  • Updates the OR-GREET model and simplified Tier 1 calculators used to calculate carbon intensity values for fuels in Oregon, in alignment with updates occurring in California
  • Adding new requirements for high-risk fuel pathways
  • Requiring third party verification for additional types of reports
  • Requiring validation for some fuel pathway applications 

On Jan. 30, 2024 DEQ held a workshop to outline key topics for the 2024 Clean Fuels Program rulemaking for early consideration and feedback. DEQ presented on revising the OR-GREET model used for fuel carbon intensity calculations, updating the Third Party Verification rules for CFP reports, and proposing other rule modifications based on implementing the program since the last rulemaking. 

​Rulemaking Workshop: Jan. 30, 2024

In convening this committee, DEQ selected a committee that was large enough to provide diverse perspectives and represent affected parties and stakeholders, while allowing opportunity for members to engage.  Advisory committee members will review proposed rules and provide feedback on potential fiscal, economic, and racial equity impacts.

DEQ will hold at least two virtual advisory committee meetings for this rulemaking. 

Meeting 1: April 17, 2024

​DEQ will be taking written comments on this RAC through 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, May 8. Please submit those comments via email to

We plan to hold the second RAC meeting for this rulemaking in June, and will post the time and date for that meeting at least two weeks beforehand.

 EQC action

This meeting has not been scheduled yet.