Clean Water State Revolving Fund

​​The CWSRF loan program charges interest rates that are calculated based on criteria defined in Oregon Administrative Rule 340-054-0065. Different interest rates and other financial terms apply to different types of loans and to loans of differing repayment periods. Rates are adjusted quarterly, based on the average Bond Buyer rates of the previous quarter, as published by the Federal Reserve. Once a loan is signed, the interest rate is fixed for the life of the loan. If the schedule below indicates that a fee is charged, the fee amount is equal to 0.5% of the unpaid balance, and is collected once annually. These are the rates effective for loans executed from July 1, 2021 through Sept. 30, 2021.

​Loan Type ​Repayment Term ​Interest Rate ​Annual Fee?
​Planning ​5 years ​0.56% ​No
​Interim ​Paid when long-term financing is completed 0.56% ​No

​Small Communities, Below Statewide Median Household Income ​

​Design/Construction ​5 years ​0.56% ​Yes
Design/Construction ​10 years ​0.67% Yes
Design/Construction ​15 years ​0.78% Yes
Design/Construction ​up to 30 years ​0.89% Yes

​All Other Borrowers

Design/Construction ​5 years ​0.56% Yes
Design/Construction 10 years 1.00% Yes
Design/Construction 15 years 1.11% Yes
Design/Construction 20 years 1.22% Yes
Design/Construction 30 years Small community >= Median Household Income = 1.72%
Large community < Median Household Income = 1.72%
Large community => Median Household Income = 2.22%
Local Community Loan 10 years 1.00% Yes
Sponsorship Option 5-30 years Minimum rate =1% Yes


Contact Oscar Orejel for additional financial information, or if you have questions about these loan terms at 503-229-5850.