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Safety & Resilience

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 1980, Oregon passed rules to prohibit disposal of radioactive materials in the state.
Oregon Administrative Rules require that a person cannot hold or place discarded or unwanted radioactive material within the state. Oregon Department of Energy staff will work with Oregon businesses or municipalities that need to dispose of radioactive materials properly. 

​​Is My Waste Radioactive?

Virtually all materials contain some radioactivity, so the rules help identify materials that could be disposed of or are exempt from the rule, such as slightly radioactive materials that present minimal health hazards. OAR 345-050  outlines the radioactive waste disposal rules in Oregon, with three tables that list the​ disposal exemptions, such as specific exempt elements, naturally occurring elements, and exempt quantities. If you have questions about the administration of these rules, please contact​ our Nuclear Safety Division.

Administrative Rules

Year in Review
In 2022 ODOE staff evaluated more than 130 waste streams, and issued ten pathway exemption approvals.

Rulemaking activity

More information on the rulemaking process is available h​ere.​

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