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​​Our team can help your city or community impelement a home energy scoring program.
Home Energy Score Programs

Oregon's statewide home energy scoring program is voluntary, but more local cities are looking into developing mandatory programs. The City of Portland was the first Oregon community to adopt a mandatory energy score program, with guidance from ODOE. Hillsboro and Milwaukie have also adopted mandatory scoring policies, and Bend will launch a new policy in 2023. Our team has also met with other Oregon communities, including Eugene, Corv​allis, Ashland, and Hood River. ​

ODOE experts are happy to meet with your community one-on-one to talk about home energy scoring programs and how to implement them. Contact us today – it's easier than you think!

Why Home Energy Scores?

The Oregon Department of Energy's 2018 Biennial Energy Report took a deep dive into energy consumers in our state. Unfortunately, Oregon continues to see challenges faced by energy-burdened consumers.

An Oregonian is considered "energy burdened" when their household's energy-related expenditures exceed 6% of their income. In some Oregon counties, nearly half of the residents earning 200% or below the Federal Poverty Level are energy burdened.

Home energy scores can help consumers better understand a home's energy efficiency, and identify simple home improvements that can mean big savings for their energy bills.

From the 2018 Biennial Energy Report
Percentage of Oregon Households Considered Energy Burdened and Earning 200 Percent or Below Federal Poverty Level (read more in Chapter 7)


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