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​​Certified assessors must complete training from an Oregon Department of Energy-approved source. 
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Apply to Become a Certified Home Energy Assessor

​Certified home energy assessors can assign a home energy score to residential buildings. 

Assessors must complete training from an Oregon Department of Energy-approved source. See the Home Energy Assessor Training Certification Form​ for a list of approved training courses. 

The Oregon Department of Energy has partnered with nonprofit Earth Advantage​ to implement the statewide home energy scoring program. Earth Advantage created a ​Roadm​ap​ for becoming an approved assessor.

The step-by-step process to become a certified energy assessor and related application materials are also available on the CCB website 

Deactivation or Transfer of Home Energy Assessor Certification

Oregon administrative rules require each home energy assessor to hold, or work under, a current CCB license and home energy assessor certificate. If any of the following occur, the home energy assessor certification associated with that license will become deactivated and scoring software accounts will become deactivated:

  • CCB license expires
  • Home energy assessor certification expires
  • Home energy assessor disengages employment with an organization holding an active CCB license 

Each home energy assessor is required to notify the Oregon Department of Energy and program implementation staff if there has been a change in home energy assessor licensing status.

A home energy assessor certification may be reinstated, or a new certification produced, once the individual has fulfilled proper CCB licensing and certification steps or is employed under a new company with a valid license. Steps to obtain new licensing and changes in licensing are available on the CCB we​bsite . ​

HES Oregon Administrative Rules

USDOE's Home Energy Score​

Eart​h Advantage Assessor Roadmap​

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