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Save Energy

​Investing in energy-efficient homes helps Oregonians save money now and supports a better energy future.
Home Energy Score systems help homeowners and homebuyers better understand a home's energy use, and how even small improvements can make a big difference in energy savings.

A certified professional evaluates a home's performance and issues a score, similar to the bright yellow Energy Guide​ label found on home appliances. The professional will look for ​air leaks, check insulation levels, inspect windows and doors, make sure heating and cooling systems are well-maintained, check lighting, and more. 

Home Energy Scoring

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Oregon Scores​

The Oregon Department of Energy has developed a standard home energy scoring system to illustrate a home's energy efficiency and energy use. We have partnered with Earth Advantage​ to implement the statewide program.

Oregon Administrative Rules outline the requirements for residential and commercial energy scores. The rules also establish training requirements for licensed home energy assessors and define requirements for score systems.

Oregonians will benefit from the streamlined process with consistent measurements across home energy scoring systems. A stakeholder panel is helping inform the voluntary program. 

Approved Oregon Home Energy Scoring Systems

Currently, Oregon has three approved home energy scoring systems:

Become an Approved Score System

Businesses and other entities seeking approval for a home energy scoring system will need to submit an application to ODOE.

The Home Energy Score Stakeholder Panel will review applications and recommend approval or denial to ODOE's director. ODOE staff are available to help businesses improve or streamline proposed systems.