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Region 1 STIP

Welcome to the ODOT Region 1 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program – the STIP for short. This is Oregon’s ongoing program for state and federally-funded projects to preserve and develop our state’s road, public transit, bike and pedestrian systems. The STIP outlines our transportation priorities for the next four years, and is updated every two years to keep it current. 

The STIP is managed out of our statewide office. Learn more about the STIP, the process, and regulations and requirements.

Past Region 1 STIP: 2018-2021

View the Region 1 2018-2021 STIP as a PDF. Use our interactive Project Tracking Map to track how and where state and federal transportation funds for the 2018-2021 STIP are spent. 

Current Region 1 STIP: 2021-2024

In July 2017, the Oregon Transportation Commission began work on the 2021-2024 STIP. After a public comment period, the Oregon Transportation Commission finalized the list in fall 2020.

 The three-year process involved three steps:
  1. Program allocation: In December 2017, following a six-month process, the OTC approved the allocation of $2.4 billion across programs and regions, as described in a STIP update.
  2. Project selection: ODOT employs a data-driven process to prioritize “Fix-It” programs to maintain assets such as pavements, bridges and culverts and to address safety needs. Watch a video about how ODOT evaluates and prioritizes needs. ODOT staff narrow the lists of possible projects by investigating potential solutions to determine the cost and schedule for each investment. That process, known as “scoping,” took place in late 2018 and early 2019 in Region 1.
  3. Public review and OTC adoption: The OTC’s official public comment period took place in 2020. After a public comment period, the Oregon Transportation Commission finalized the list in fall 2020.

View the 2021-2024 STIP

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Future STIP: 2024-2027

Building the 2024-2027 STIP launched at the July 2020 Oregon Transportation Commission meeting. Now, the OTC seeks your input as it continues working through how to spend more than $2 billion in the STIP. Learn more. 

 ODOT Region 1 encompasses all of Hood River and Multnomah counties, as well as most of Clackamas and Washington counties. The Region has the largest population in the state. In addition, Oregon’s largest port district, intermodal freight terminals, and the state’s only international airport also are in Region 1.

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