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Implementation of REALD & SOGI Data from Insurers into APAC

The All Payer All Claims (APAC) program is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Equity and Inclusion Division (E&I) to integrate Race, Ethnicity, Language, Age, and Disability (REALD) and sexual orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) data into APAC. This initiative, facilitated by the passing of SB 966 during the 2023 legislative session, enables APAC to utilize REALD and SOGI data to evaluate equity in healthcare services at a more granular level. 

The submission of REALD and SOGI data by mandated submitters is scheduled to begin on January 31, 2025, pending discussions within the APAC rules advisory committee and the formal rules hearing process. These activities apply to insurers and do not change the reporting requirements for health care providers in Oregon.

What is REALD & SOGI?

In line with the Oregon Health Authority's strategic goal to eliminate health inequities by 2030, the REALD and SOGI survey is a standardized demographic tool distributed by providers to their members. The tool collects information on race, ethnicity, primary language, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity of members. The demographic information collected helps the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) identify health inequities and disparities in Oregon. 
For more information on REALD & SOGI, please visit the Equity and Inclusion Division’s REALD & SOGI website

Why collect REALD & SOGI Data through APAC?

Passed during the 2023 legislative session, Senate Bill 966 allows APAC data to discern equity in health services received through the collection of REALD and SOGI data. In addition, working with the Equity and Inclusion Repository, APAC will potentially fill gaps in data reported to the Repository by health care providers for insured individuals who have not obtained medical care.
OHA staff from the Cost Growth Target and Health Care Market Oversight are current users of APAC data. Including comprehensive demographic information within the APAC data system would enhance analysts' ability to identify and investigate potential health care concerns more effectively.

The APAC and E&I teams have agreed to import REALD & SOGI data through the APAC Data Submission and Quality Portal, where the files will undergo basic validation checks. After receiving the files and completing basic validations, HSRI will pass the data to the E&I Division for additional data processing activities. Once the E&I team has processed the files, they will submit the data back to the APAC team for final use in the APAC data enclave.​

The current schedule for implementing REALD & SOGI data into the APAC program is as follows. While we strive to adhere to this timeline, these dates are subject to change based on various factors, including partner input, technical considerations, and regulatory requirements. We are committed to transparency and will communicate any updates or adjustments promptly to ensure all partners are informed and prepared for the implementation process.
  • ​Initial APAC and Equity and Inclusion Division Planning meetings 11/2/23-1/5/24
  • Contract Amendment with APAC’s data vendor, Human Services Research Institute (HSRI)- 4/1/2024-8/1/24
  • APAC Rules Planning and Changes- 1/17/24-6/8/24
  • Workgroup meetings with insurers and data submitters- 4/16/24-6/11/24
  • Early Adopters and Test Passthroughs- 7/1/24-11/29/24
  • Onboarding of Data Submitters- 9/6/24-11/01/24
  • Required REALD and SOGI data submission for submitters- 1/31/25

​The APAC program is in the process of updating the current APAC data file layouts through formal rulemaking to include the proposed Appendix J layout. This new layout includes fields containing race, ethnicity, primary language, disability, sexual orientation, and gender orientation, among other demographic information about members. We encourage you to attend our bi-monthly Technical Assistance (TAG) meetings to learn more about the file layout or view video recordings of past meetings and detailed minutes at our APAC TAG webpage

The APAC team is also holding discussion sessions with data submitters to learn about needs, feedback, and questions data submitters have about the collection and submission of REALD and SOGI information to APAC.  Please see the schedule and links to recordings of the past meetings down below.

If you have questions or comments for the APAC team please contact us at ​

The APAC program is currently equipping our data submitters with the necessary tools and information to submit REALD & SOGI data, which is slated for submission in 2025. We expect the data to be available for internal and external data requestors in 2026.

We will continue to update this section with more information for data requestors. Please subscribe to APAC Notices for updates. ​