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Complaint Process

If You Have a Complaint about the Content of a Written Evaluation:

Submit a written complaint to the Oregon Health Authority by mail, fax or email.

  • The Oregon Health Authority will only accept complaints regarding evaluations that fail to conform to the standards set forth in OAR 309-090-0025.
  • Other types of complaints should be made to the appropriate professional organization.

Where to Send Complaints

Oregon State Hospital
Legal Affairs Department
Attn. Forensic Certification Program
2600 Center St NE
Salem, OR 97301

Evaluator Complaints

If the Authority receives a written complaint regarding an evaluator, the Forensic Evaluation Review Panel will review the complaint and determine whether the deficiencies in the evaluation represent a substantial departure from the standards of practice established in OAR 309-090-0025.

Complaint Resolution

If denial or revocation may be warranted, the Authority will provide written notice of its intent, which may include recommended steps for remediation.

  • The applicant shall have 30 days to submit a written remediation plan and will have temporary certification status for up to six months until the Authority determines whether the issues have been adequately addressed.
  • Issues that have been adequately addressed will result in the Authority withdrawing its notice and full certification restored.
  • If issues are not adequately addressed, the Authority may proceed with denial or revocation of certification.