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Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHC)

CCBHC Demonstration Program

Twenty-five million dollars in planning grants were available to states to develop applications to participate in a two-year CCBHC demonstration program. Only states awarded a CCBHC planning grant are eligible to apply for the demonstration program grant.

  • Oregon applied for, and was awarded a planning grant, as the program aligns with the state's broader health care transformation efforts, enabling Oregon to further advance behavioral health care for Oregonians.
  • The Oregon Health Authority subsequently submitted an application to SAMHSA to be considered for participation in the 2017-2019 CCBHC Demonstration Program. In December 2016, Oregon was selected as one of eight demonstration states.
Instructions and criteria for submitting a CCBHC application:
The Demonstration program is not currently accepting new applications.


Demonstration Application Part I
Demonstration Application Part II
Demonstration Application Part II Appendices
Demonstration Application Part III
What is a CCBHC?

Certification and Compliance Materials

CCBHC Primary Care Onsite Requirements
CCHBC Required Services & Relationships
Criteria for the Demonstration Program
Oregon Standards for CCBHCs
SAMHSA Clarification on CCBHC Satellites
SAMSHA Clarification to CCBHC Questions April 2016


Data Collection and Analysis Resources

BMI Measures FAQs Revised December 2017
Data Collection FAQs
Data Reporting Additional Guidelines
March 2018 Data Collection Guidance
Reporting Template
SAMHSA Clarification: When is a Person a CCBHC Consumer?
Technical Specifications Manual Vol 1
Technical Specifications Manual Vol 2

Prospective Payment System (PPS) Resources

CCBHC Billing Guide
CCBHC Cost Report Instruction
CCBHC Cost Report Sample
CCBHC Demonstration Service Billing Matrix January 2018
CCBHC Wraparound Data Template
CCBHC Wraparound Guide
Demand Capacity Tool
Medicare-Medicaid Billing Guidance for CCBHCs

Additional CCBHC Resources

CCBHC Locations
Language Access Services Policy
November 2017 CCBHC FAQs
October 2017 CCBHC FAQs
Oregon Veteran Benefit Magazine
VA Eligibility Presentation

Contact Information

Anastasia Sofranac
CCBHC Demonstration Project Director


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