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Oregon Performance Plan


The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has issued a Plan to improve mental health services for adults with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI). The Plan is being issued after lengthy discussions with the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ). In the Plan, the Authority commits to several performance outcome measures and to further data gathering and study of certain issues. Oregon also commits to quality and performance improvement measures, and to data reporting. These measures cover a broad array of subjects, including:

  • Assertive Community Treatment Services;
  • Crisis services;
  • Supported housing;
  • Peer-delivered services;
  • Oregon State Hospital discharges and linkages to services;
  • Acute psychiatric care discharges and linkages to services;
  • Emergency department services;
  • Supported employment services;
  • Secure Residential Treatment Facility discharges;
  • Criminal Justice diversion;
  • Quality and performance improvement; and
  • Data reporting.


Oregon Performance Plan Documents

2016 USDOJ Letter
Oregon Performance Plan
Oregon Performance Plan Executive Summary
Oregon Performance Plan PowerPoint Webinar Presentation

Guidance Documents

Warm Handoff Guidance Document 08.21.19

Data Specification Sheets

1 a-b ACT Services
7 a-b Crisis Services REVISED 08.29.18
14 a-c Supported Housing
16 a-b Peer Delivered Services Revised 08.01.17
20 a-e Oregon State Hospital
24 Oregon State Hospital
29 a-c Acute Psychiatric Care
30 Acute Psychiatric Care
31 a DSS Acute Revised 08.01.17
31 b Acute Psychiatric Care
35 Acute Psychiatric Care Revised 08.01.17
40 a Emergency Departments
41 a-b Emergency Departments
45 a-b Supported Employment
49 b i-ii Secure Residential Treatment Facility Revised 08.01.17
52 a - Criminal Justice Diversion
52 d Criminal Justice Diversion


OHA Reports

October 2019 Data Report
April 2019 Data Report Revised 05.30.19
July 2019 Narrative Report with Data Report
January 2019 Narrative Report with Data Report
October 2018 Data Report
July 2018 Narrative Report with Data Report
April 2018 Data Report
January 2018 Narrative Report with Data Report
October 2017 Data Report
July 2017 Data Report
July 2017 Narrative Report
April 2017 Data Report
January 2017 Narrative Report

Independent Consultant Reports

Independent Consultant Report #1
Independent Consultant Report #2
Independent Consultant Report #3
Independent Consultant Report #4
Independent Consultant Report #5
Independent Consultant Report #6

Other Reports

GAINS Center Report

Oregon Performance Plan Stakeholder Advisory Team Meetings

01.24.17 OPP Stakeholder Minutes
03.07.17 OPP Stakeholder Minutes
05.23.17 OPP Stakeholder Minutes
07.21.17 OPP Stakeholder Minutes
09.17.17 OPP Stakeholder Minutes
11.20.17 OPP Stakeholder Minutes
01.22.18 OPP Stakeholder Minutes
07.20.18 OPP Stakeholder Minutes
05.21.18 OPP Stakeholder Advisory Minutes
11.19.18 OPP Stakeholder Meeting Minutes
06.12.19 OPP Stakeholder Minutes

USDOJ History

USDOJ Agreement History

Program Contact

Cissie M. Bollinger
Oregon Performance Plan Project Director
Desk Phone: (503) 947-5543

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