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2012-2017 Quarterly and Annual Reports to CMS

Overview of Reports

Each Calendar Quarter, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reports to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on presenting analysis and the status of the various Demonstration areas. The quarterly reports include such things as contracting with Coordinating Care Organizations (CCOs); progress on implementation and/or enrollment progress; benefits; enrollment and disenrollment; grievances; quality of care; access; financial performance that is relevant to the demonstration; pertinent legislative activities, litigation status and other topics, as well as action plans for addressing any policy, administrative, or budget issues identified. Additionally, each year, OHA produces an Annual Report of the Demonstration that presents compiled Quarterly data and information and additional evaluations and other information. The Authority also engages external demonstration evaluations of Oregon's Medicaid delivery system.

2017-2022 Current Reports

Annual Reports and Attachments to CMS

2017Annual Report - DY15 SFY 2017
2017Appendix A - SEDS Reports SFY 2017
2017Appendix B - Neutrality Reports SFY 2017
2017Appendix C - Two-percent Trend Reduction SFY 2017
2017Appendix D - DSHP Tracking SFY 2017
2017Appendix E - Oregon Measures Matrix SFY 2017
2016Annual Report, DY 2015-2016
2016Appendix B - Neutrality Reports, SFY 2016
2016Appendix E - Oregon Measures Matrix for 2015-2016 Annual Report
2016Appendix F - HTTP Data
2016Appendix H - Flexible Services Documents
2015Annual Report, DY 2014-2015
2015Appendix A - HTTP Data
2015Appendix B - Oregon Measures Matrix, January 2016
2014Annual Report, DY 2013-2014
2014Appendix A - Quality and Access Test - Dry Run Results in Composite Methodology
2014Appendix A-1 - SEDS Reports, Second Quarter 2014
2014Appendix B - Oregon Measures Matrix
2014DSHP Tracker, DY 2013-2014

Quarterly Reports and Attachments to CMS

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