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Race, Ethnicity, Language, and Disability (REALD) Implementation

What is REALD?

REALD is a type of demographic information, like age, marital status, employment and more. REALD stands for the types of information it includes: 

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Language
  • Disability

In 2020, the Oregon legislature passed a law that requires health care providers to:

  • Collect REALD information at health care encounters related to COVID-19, and
  • Share this information with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

Why We Ask

This requirement helps the state understand which communities are most impacted by COVID-19, so they can get more funding and services. For example, if we learn that one group of people has more COVID-19 cases than other groups, we can make sure that group gets more testing and resources like masks.

 Learn about REALD and COVID-19

 Visit REALD for Providers


Visit the REALD rules page for the current REALD rules, rulemaking information, and ​upcoming changes.​

REALD in Action

Read recent studies that have used REALD data to inform health strategies for people with disabilities.

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Service-based settings (such as health care, contact tracing, social services):

Non-service-based settings (such as surveys):

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