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Evaluation Order Templates

If an evaluation is ordered for a patient who is not currently at the Oregon State Hospital we suggest having it done by a community evaluator as that will likely be much faster; here is the list of certified forensic evaluators in Oregon:
These order templates are not legal advice. We encourage everyone to review the applicable statutes and legislative bills in their entirety.
OSH is offering these templates to assist valued partners.  Please know that we are working to update these templates in conjunction with the Oregon Judicial Department and will be updating these templates when that work is done.  Thank you!


Aid and Assist

ORS 161.315 General Order - In Custody

ORS 161.365 FAQs

ORS 161.365 Order for Evaluation

ORS 161.365 Order for Evaluation – Non-OSH Evaluation

ORS 161.370 Order for Commitment to OSH

ORS 161.370 Order for Community Restoration

Order for HLOC Evaluation

Order for CMHP Evaluation after HLOC determination

Order for CMHP Evaluation

Notice to Contest Evaluator's Report

Order Finding Defendant Fit after Contested Hearing

Order Finding Defendant Unfit after Contested Hearing

Rapid Evaluation Program

Order to Disclose for Rapid Evaluation and Protective Order

Involuntary Medications

Sample Involuntary Medications Order-Sell

Sample Involuntary Medications Order—ECT

Juvenile Aid and Assist

Order regarding Fitness to Proceed

OHA Child & Family Behavioral Health

Guilty Except for Insanity (GEI)

Judgement upon GEI and Commit to OSH (felony)

Judgement upon GEI and Commit to OSH (misdemeanor)

Judgment / Dual Jurisdiction / PSRB then DOC

GEI Conditional Release (felony)

Extremely Dangerous Person with Mental Illness

ORS 426.701 Judgement Committing Person to OSH Pending Hearing (probable cause / good cause)

ORS 426.701 Judgement for Commitment of EDP and Initial Commitment to PSRB and OSH

Order of Dismissal of Criminal Charges upon Admission to OSH

ORS 426.702 EDP Re-Commitment with hearing

ORS 426.702 EDP Re-Commitment without hearing

Civil Commitment

Supplemental Order—Prohibition on Firearms Possession

Community Consultation

Consultation Report Template

Other Resources

OJD document re How to Create, Add, and Remove Service Contacts in File Serve (HTML 5 version)

OJD document re How to Create, Add, and Remove Service Contacts in File Serve (Silverlight version)

Contact Information

Please send orders for OSH Admissions to