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Marriage Feed Project

The State of Oregon is launching an electronic system for registering and filing marriage records in 2017. This page provides more information about the project and our collaboration with our county partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the County Marriage Feed?

It is a secure method to send the record of marriage data and certificate images from each county’s Helion system directly to the state vital records system known as OVERS (Oregon Vital Events Registration System). Different options of images and data elements are being explored. Currently, Option A is ready to roll out.

What is Option A of the County Marriage Feed?

Option A allows the county to send all required minimum marriage data items (including confidential – SSN & Race/Ethnicity) through the marriage feed along with the 8 ½ by 11 image of the marriage record.

What are the required minimum marriage data in Option A?

  • Party A and Party B Names
  • Party A and Party B Legal Names at Birth
  • Party A and Party B Sex
  • Party A and Party B Birthplace
  • Marriage Licensing County
  • Date of Marriage
  • County where Marriage occurred
  • Party A and Party B Race/Ethnicity (confidential item)
  • Party A and Party B Social Security Number (confidential item)

What image is sent in Option A?

The 8 ½ by 11 image of the completed marriage record, without the confidential section on the bottom, is sent to the state in Option A.

When is the Option A rollout starting?

Phase 1 of Option A rollout is occurring from October 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

How do we participate in the County Marriage Feed Option A rollout?

  • Attend a Kickoff meeting with CHS and Helion (one hour) 
  • Work with Helion about technical preferences (variable)
  • Have Helion Install the updated software

During the first month of your rollout with the new software
  • Transmit your marriage records through the county marriage feed which loads them into OVERS
  • Mail your paper marriage records to the state twice a week. The state will compare the loaded marriage data and record image in OVERS to the paper record
  • Attend weekly check-in meetings (15 minutes/meeting)

After the first month of rollout is complete

  • Return to sending in paper marriage records twice a month
  • Continue to transmit your marriage records through the county marriage feed
  • Contact Helion for any technical issues

How long does it take from the time we sign up to the time we are using the County Marriage Feed?

After the Kickoff meeting, Helion will need about a month preparation time before your county is using the marriage feed.

Where do I get more information on how Option A works at the County?

Please contact Helion at 503-362-9394

Are there any special instructions once we start using Option A of the county marriage feed?

Helion will explain how the county marriage feed works from the county side.

Do we continue to send in the paper marriage records even after we are participating in the county marriage feed?

We are asking counties to continue to send in their paper marriage records to the state as usual until told otherwise.

Can we choose to discontinue using the County Marriage Feed?

Yes, but please give us as much notice as possible.

Is the County Marriage Feed stored and transmitted securely?

Yes, the SSN and image are separately double encrypted. Then the whole package with the data is encrypted. The package is then sent via a web service call. Helion can provide more information on the security features of the County Marriage Feed.

Which counties piloted County Marriage Feed – Option A?

Benton, Klamath and Wasco county clerk’s completed the pilot. A big thank you goes to those counties.

Questions? Please contact Karen Cooper at the state vital records office at 971-673-0580 or by email.

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