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Oregon Registered Domestic Partnership

Eligibility to File for Oregon Registered Domestic Partnership 

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • At least one partner must be a resident of Oregon.
  • Neither partner can presently be in a marriage or a legally recognized registered domestic partnership.
  • UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2023: Both partners must be of the same sex.
  • ON JANUARY 1, 2024, AND LATER: Partners may be of any sex.

Resources for
Domestic Partnership

Form: Declaration of Oregon Registered Domestic Partnership form 

The form MUST be printed on 8-1/2"x14" (legal size paper) to be processed. When you click the 'Print' button, a print dialog box will appear. Make sure the scale is set to actual size and the paper size is legal.


Steps to Register a Domestic Partnership

  1. Download and print the Declaration of Oregon Registered Domestic Partnership form. (This requires legal size paper.) You may also get this form from your local county clerks office.
  2. Carefully read the Form Instructions for the Public and complete the top two sections of the form (Partner A and Partner B) and (if you choose to do so) the optional section at the bottom of the form for Partner A and B. Important: DO NOT SIGN THE FORM until you get to the next step and are WITH A NOTARY PUBLIC.
  3. Take the form to a notary public to sign it in their presence. Do NOT sign the form until you are with the notary public. They must witness you sign and date the form and then sign and date the form themselves. Some county clerk offices may have a notary public on site. Check their website or contact their office to determine if they offer this service.
  4. Take the completed and notarized form to an Oregon county clerk's office to file your domestic partnership. The county will then send your information to Oregon Vital Records to be registered.
  5. The county clerk will provide you with a Commemorative Certificate of Registered Domestic Partnership. This is a decorative piece to display and not a legal document.
  6. If you would like a certified copy of your registered domestic partnership, you may order this record from Oregon Vital Records. Visit our Get Vital Records page for more information. It may take several weeks for a couple's paperwork to be fully registered with the state, so typically, an official certified copy of your domestic partnership is not available from Oregon Vital Records for approximately one month from the date the paperwork was submitted to the county.

Domestic Partnership Legislation

House Bill 2032 (Latest legislation regarding Domestic Partnership)
Oregon Registered Domestic Partnerships (ORDPs) were created in 2007 under the Oregon Family Fairness Act and implemented in February of 2008 for same-sex couples. Additional legislation was passed in 2009 expanding options for surnames to be taken by partners at declaration with additional surname expansions being allowed by new legislation in 2013.
In 2023, House Bill 2032 expanded eligibility for ORDPs to partners of any sex. The legislation goes into effect January 1, 2024.

(links via OR Legislature)