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Health Trends Newsletter Archive 1995 - 2004

Issue Index

Issue Date Title
April 2004
Series No. 61
PDF fileOregon Teen Pregnancy County Trends,
 1998-2002, an Update

September 2003
Series No. 60
PDF fileSexual Activity
 Among Oregon Teens in 2001Among Oregon Teens in 2001

September 2001
Series No. 59
PDF fileOregon Teen Pregnancy County Trends, 1996-2000
An Update

March 2001
Series No. 58

PDF fileSexual Activity Decreasing Among Oregon Teens Age 15-17
Survey Results 1999 YRBS

August 2000
Series No. 57
PDF fileYouth Suicide
 Results from the 1999 YRBS

June 2000
Series No. 56
PDF fileA Potential for Violent Injury
 Guns and Knives in the Schools

May 2000
Series No. 55
PDF fileOregon Teen Pregnancy County Trends, 1994-1998
 an Update

October 1999
Series No. 54
PDF fileWeapons, Schools, and Kids
 What is the Risk?

August 1999
Series No. 53
 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Risk to Oregonians?
 Also: Cremation, From Cradle to Grave

December 1998
Series No. 52
PDF fileOral Cancer: Deadly to Ignore
Also: Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease

September 1998
Series No. 51
PDF fileOregon Teen Pregnancy County Trends, 1993-1997
 An Update

July 1998
Series No. 50
PDF fileSummer Fun, Summer Death
 Drowning and Animal-Related FatalitiesDrowning and Animal-Related Fatalities

May 1998
Series No. 49
PDF fileSuicidal Behavior
 Results from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey

December 1997
Series No. 48
PDF fileMen and Women Behaving Badly
 Trends from the Adult Behavior Risk Factor Survey

July 1996
Series No. 47
PDF fileMinority Health
 Mortality Profiles of Oregon's Residents

April 1996
Series No. 46
PDF fileHIV/AIDS Knowledge
 Also: Risky Behavior Among Oregon Youth 1995

February 1996
Series No. 45
PDF fileMinority Health 1994
Infants At Risk

December 1995
Series No. 44
PDF fileFatal Behavior
 Why Oregonians Die PrematurelyWhy Oregonians Die Prematurely