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Order By Using the Drop Box

Oregon State Vital Records Counters are CLOSED until further notice. 

FEMA COVID-19 funeral assistance program 

How to order

Drop off your order form with complete record information and requirementsMake sure to place all required documents and fees in a sealed envelope.

  • Cost: $25.00 nonrefundable fee for the first record. $25.00 for each additional copy of the same record ordered at the same time. Add $5 for a full image birth record from 1903-2007. Where date of event is unknown for death, marriage, or divorce records, $25.00 covers a five year search. Add $1.00 per year if more than 5 years need to be searched. Exact date of birth is required for birth record orders unless the record is more than 100 years old.

  • Payment to:
    OHA/Vital Records
    Money order or check only. No cash.
  • Requirements:
  • Location of Drop Box:
    Oregon Vital Records
    800 NE Oregon Street Portland OR 97293

    Located at the entrance by the west door (located in the parking lot)
    Directions to Vital Record
  • Processing Time: Allow for an estimated five to seven business days for processing before mailing. Note, if a record problem is discovered or any information is missing, the processing will be delayed.

    Processing of the order will be delayed by at least three weeks if payment is:

    • A check from a new bank account with a low check number
    • A temporary check
    • From an unrelated third party
    • Or there are alterations to the printed information on the check
    Corrections or amendments to records will add additional time for processing. 
  • Important:

    Make sure to put the following in a sealed envelope

    • Order Form with signature
    • Photocopy of Valid ID or alternative ID documents
    • Money order or check (no cash)
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